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Subliminal Distraction




When my wife had a psychotic break after her office was changed eliminating Cubicle Level Protection,

 I learned a simple problem of human physiology discovered to cause believed-harmless temporary mental breaks for knowledge workers

 in too-crowded office situations is unknown in mental health services.


I had known of it since I was a 22 year old engineering student in 1966. But I had never seen it happen before.

In nine years sending emails and letters I found a single doctor who said he had seen the episodes from offices while in residency.

No one screens for this problem before beginning treatment for believed mental illness.



The theory of the investigation is that if Subliminal Distraction is a serious problem,

 evidence will be everywhere in plain sight.


Events such as the first cases of Dissociative Fugue in 1800's France,

Qi Gong and Kundalini Yoga mental breaks for 2400 and 3000 years respectively,

Culture Bound Syndromes, around the world and through history,

a mass insanity incident on the Belgian Polar Expedition of 1897/99,

the Anasazi abandonment of the four corners area in 1300,

Barney and Betty Hill, the first case of alien abduction,

Jumping Frenchmen of Maine, 1880,

extreme outcomes diagnosed as Shell Shock in WWI,

college suicides and strange bizarre student disappearances,

all have evidence that they were and are caused by Subliminal Distraction.



What portion of behaviors believed to be mental illness are Subliminal Distraction mental events?

It is not possible to open the box and look inside a mind to determine that.

If the public is warned to prevent the believed-harmless psychotic-like episode of confusion engineers see from office exposure,

all exposure would stop.

That would prevent serious outcomes this investigation found.



The Air Force has agreed to investigate this phenomenon as the cause of service member suicides.

The national center for PTSD investigation has acknowledged the problem.

(I have letters from both.)


Remember, in the entire history of man on the planet Earth this problem was discovered just that one time.


Everyone aware of it believes it is a harmless nuisance in the design of crowded knowledge work conditions.


It's a problem of human physiology not just offices.

They are just the first place under observation when it happened.

Subliminal Distraction has always been present in any human population.

All that is necessary is to replicate the situation where it was discovered.

That is long hours of deep mental investment with repeating detectable movement nearby  in peripheral vision.



Before you begin your investigation on this site, consider this question.

Can you cite a single case of someone blind from birth having Panic Attacks, or Schizophrenia?

I can't find one and volunteers searching the APA database could only find those with partial sight.

There were none among the completely blind.

An anonymous page on the Internet says there are only two such cases in all the literature.

Why is that true?

The subject of this site is a vision driven problem discovered when it caused mental breaks for office workers.

If mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances why would the blind be immune?



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This material is from first semester psychology psychophysics. But no one has investigated this phenomenon before.

The first phase of this psychology project is complete.

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All of the files from the original research were saved.

This simpler site will  contain the explanation of Subliminal Distraction and relate it to college student disappearances, suicides, and mass shootings.

The site is being divided so that it cannot all go down due to a crash in the future.

The simplified plan will allow visitors to survey the material without slogging through all nine years of research material.



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