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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.

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Examples of home computer workstations.


Long hours using incorrectly configured, casually created  home computer workstations copies

a "mental break causing design mistake" engineers found and solved fifty years ago.


All that is required to cause psychiatric symptoms from chronic long-term

visual subliminal distraction is repeating detectable

movement nearby in peripheral vision.


These pictures were taken on walkthroughs of homes for sale.

A defective workstation can exist and be used for years without problems

until a change in the length of time it is used, or a change in the amount of movement in peripheral vision happens.


While computers are the most likely source of Subliminal Distraction exposure today,

 the problem was discovered and solved before they existed.

Daydreaming is enough dissociation to allow Subliminal Distraction exposure.

Long hours Subliminal Distraction for many days is necessary to create the full mental break.

But chronic Subliminal Distraction too low for the full mental break can cause psychiatric symptoms.

An incident in 14 Ontario, Canada elementary schools shows outcomes that happen

with persistent but low exposure before the full mental break. Wi-Fi Illness

Pekka-Eric Auvinen's Bedroom computer picture is below.  Here


Correct Computer Location

This computer room correctly places the computer in a corner so that nothing can move in the user's peripheral vision.


The CPU tower is also correctly placed so that any blinking lights will be out of sight below the work surface.



This is a correctly designed home computer location.











Selena Gomez new house


These two pictures are from an on-line story about Selena Gomez buying a new house.


Since it is a new purchase the arrangement in these pictures is probably staging to show the house.




Selena Gomex new house/


In this view the computer user would be able to detect movement of someone in the kitchen.


Visit the Hollywood/Nashville page for other examples of personalities creating Subliminal Distraction.   Amanda Bynes/Taylor Swift  









Incorrectly placed computer desk.

In this case the computer is where another person, or family pets might walk in peripheral vision.

Detectable threat-movement in peripheral vision does not have to be human or alive.

The computer user's peripheral vision sweeps the room. 

The room is so well lighted so that movement would be detected if it were across the room.

For Subliminal Distraction to happen,   first the subject must enter full concentration so they are not consciously aware of things happening around them.

Then  there must be repeating detectable, distracting movement in peripheral vision.


The subject's brain must detect that movement then attempt but fail to execute the consciously-forced-suppressed vision startle reflex.

If any of these elements is missing, nothing happens.

Single exposure incidents are normal for everyone and harmless.

Exposure frequently daily for several days is necessary to cause psychiatric symptoms




Computer beside mirror.

The third  picture from a video taken on a house walkthrough is not very clear but it shows a mirror in peripheral vision of the computer desk. The picture is taken from the bedroom door. That means anyone walking down the hall would be movement in the person's peripheral vision while using the computer. The occupant was a renter and said no one uses that computer much.

Computer beside mirror.

Note that the mirror is positioned into the corner of the room at a 45 degree angle to the desk. Movement of someone using the incline exercise board would be detected as threat movement even though it is behind the computer user.

The mirror is on a door to a cabinet so when the door is opened about 45 degrees the mirror would reflect the movement of the computer users creating Subliminal Distraction exposure.

The sources of threat movement can be bizarre or exist as random exposure that happens infrequently as a situation changes.






Child ExposureAt what age can Subliminal Distraction exposure begin to happen?

 All that is necessary is the ability to form, and execute the vision startle reflex.

In this picture there are toys on the floor, and a TV. Concentration to play, or watch the TV is enough mental investment to allow Subliminal Distraction.    While Autism is not Subliminal Distraction, SD exposure can produce symptoms that would be incorrectly diagnosed as Autism.

That would explain how some can grow out of Autistic behaviors.

Currently no one is screening for Subliminal Distraction exposure before making a diagnosis. Subliminal Distraction exposure should be eliminated first. The evaluation involves questions about habits which would engage full mental investment.      The solution is simple and free.   ___     Stop the behaviors that allow exposure.

The incident in Ontario, Canada elementary schools which produced symptoms of racing hearts, headaches, dizziness, trouble sleeping, memory loss, and strange skin sensations, demonstrates the level of classroom exposure to cause symptoms.   Pictures here.

In that case the symptoms stopped on weekends and school vacations. Teachers and school staff who would have been in the school building longer than students were unaffected. That eliminated Wi-Fi transmitter EMR as causation. 




Classroom SeatingToo-close side-by-side seating allows concentrating students to create Subliminal Distraction exposure.   

Writing text, reading a book, performing math calculations, or entering a private daydreaming state all will allow exposure if there is detectable movement in peripheral vision at the same time.

Unlike an office situation there would rarely be someone walking in the peripheral vision of a concentrating student.

Detectable movement will be limited to arms and full body movements of those sitting near the subject in their peripheral vision. For most  classroom situations, peripheral vision is blocked by the one student in the next row.   But simi-circular arrangements of the desks change that.

When desks are put in an arc, all the students are sitting in each other's peripheral vision.

Small movements such as hands moving while writing could not be detected. Reflections from jewelry could change that.


Any student with ADD or ADHD should be evaluated for Subliminal Distraction exposure. Both home and classroom exposure should be eliminated. In cases where the student cannot be placed so there is no possability of detectable movement in their peripheral vision, a pair of safety glasses with wide temple arms blacked out to block peripheral vision can be used.



 Harmless appearing computer use.
This France Telecom worker is incorrectly using the laptop if there are other family members or pets to walk beside him as he uses it.
Problematic exposure would take several hours daily for a few days.
To have exposure he must become fully mentally invested to a level that he is unaware of anything happening around him. In that full mentally invested state he will subliminally detect nearby movement then attempt, but fail to execute, cannot execute, the consciously blocked reflex.
There have been 60 suicide attempts and a disputed number of deaths over several years after the French communication service was privatized. (In 2014 there are still suicides happening at Orange, the new name for France Telecom.)
Some suicide notes have blamed the working conditions. In cases of Subliminal Distraction caused suicides or suicide attempts the content of the note may be delusional. But it would only be understood as delusional if the note said or claimed something physically impossible. Watch the Virginia Tech shooter's paranoid psychotic rant.
Workers in France have 35 hour work weeks and union negotiated wages. Yet the suicide rate in the French communications company is higher than that of workers at Foxconn in China.
Letters to the French Minister of Labor and Health are unanswered. Instead the French government is attempting to indict the previous manager of France Telecom over the rate of worker suicides.

In 2014 changes in working conditions have been implemented and meetings held with workers but the suicides continue.  The government does not know what to do.   Stopping the suicides is simple. Just change open workstations for workstations with Cubicle Level Protection.

Foxconn/France Telecom






PekaEricAuvinen's computer.

This picture, released by the Finnish National Police shows that Peka Eric Auvinen placed his bedroom computer beside a closet door mirror.

As he surfed the Internet every time he moved, his reflection moved in his peripheral vision.

Auvinen planned, joined a gun club, purchased a hand gun, shot and killed eight at a culinary school in Jokela, Finland before committing suicide.






 This image is a frame grab from the TV show "Disappeared."   After letters and emails to the police department in Oklahoma got no answers this video segment appeared on the show.

You can see two computers set up side by side in the bedroom.

That is the "mental break causing design mistake" which allows Subliminal Distraction exposure to cause psychotic or depressive episodes.

There is no closet evident in the picture which shows two walls. The pan of the video moves to the right ending at this point. It shows the bathroom is to the left.

The full story text is on this page.   Jamison Family Disappearance