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Jennifer Huston


August 8, News reports say Jennifer Huston was found deceased a short distance from her car. Police say no foul play is suspected.

Several sites have reported she committed suicide by hanging, and a note was left.



This site argues that deaths by suicide while having a Subliminal Distraction mental event, hallucinating an unsolvable, unbearable outcome for real local or completely delusional hallucinated situation is the cause of College Suicides. There have been cases of almost the same disappearance suicide for college students. The latest case is Brogan Dulle.   Click the page link above to read about his suicide.

In 2007  a recent graduate who had finished the exams for grad school at UCLA did almost the same thing. She told a roommate she would run errands, drove ninety miles, parked in a junior college lot, climbed into the trunk, and committed suicide with an over the counter medication.  (Same page reference.)

Some college students vanish, and are never found. Remember Brian Shaffer, Maura Murray, Michael Negrete, Justin Gains, or Josh Guimond?  All college students, all still missing. The oldest case on  the Internet is Ron Tammen. He walked away from Miami of Ohio in April 1953.  He was sighted a three hour walk from the school when he approached a house to ask directions. The woman said he was so confused he didn't know his name. Not reported missing yet, she allowed him to walk away. If you reached this page from a search engine other cases are on the Disappearance and College Suicides pages.

There have been four Canadian engineering students vanish like this. Only one was found. He had wandered to Texas without a reasonable explanation of why he dropped out, and went to spring break in Texas.

Google alerts for <missing student>, or <student disappearance> will return stories from around the world.   Many are engineering, or computer science majors. While this can happen to any student who makes the 'mental break causing design mistake' where they use a computer, or study, engineers, and computer science majors have heavier academic loads with math and science subjects. They also use computers more than most other student thus have more opportunities to make the design mistake.



Jennifer Huston was last seen on video paying for gas, and buying items in a convince store in Dundee, Oregon.  She left the store, and drove away in her Lexus, and has not been seen since.


Police released these surveillance footage stills of Huston's car at the gas station she visited after withdrawing money from a local bank


   Police released these video frame grabs of her car at the 76 gas station in Dundee  






Jennifer Huston is not the only person to disappear like this.

College students are the usual victims.

Remember Brian Shaffer, Maura Murray, Michael Negrete, Justin Gains, or Josh Guimond?

 They are all college students who vanished under similar circumstances, and all are still missing.

The oldest case on the Internet is Ron Tammen who walked away from Miami of Ohio, April 1953.

But most who vanish are eventually found alive, or recover and return.


   Not mental illness Subliminal Distraction requires a location, and activity where exposure can happen.

It's an engineering design problem of human physiology that can cause an episode that resembles mental illness.

When it happened to my wife I learned the 'mental break causing design mistake' is unknown in mental health services.


For Huston to be missing because of a Subliminal Distraction episode she would have place of exposure.  That location can be found.

Was she a heavy computer user?      Where did she use her computer? 


Use the "Home Computer Locations" page to learn how to search for that possibility.


In the first few days there is no way to determine if a disappearance is a crime, accident, or a Subliminal Distraction episode.


Given the amount of gas her car had police theorized she could have driven about 350 miles.

Her husband described a "U" shaped crack in the Lexus windshield. The license number has been published. So the car could be identified by the public if it were nearby and not hidden, or wrecked out of sight.

None of her credit credit cards have been used since she vanished.