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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Kanye West

Sudden unexplained mental break November 2016

This page is being prepared in advance of the final outcome. It will follow any leads which develop.

Kanye is the only person who can determine if his episode was caused by Subliminal Distraction.

If true  the good news is it isn't mental illness, and is preventable by taking simple free precautions

Rather than having to deal with the reoccurring problem the rest of his life, it need not happen again.


Subliminal Distraction events spontaneously remit without treatment, or after effects. So Kanye should usually return to normal in a week or so.

It has been ten days in hospital before he was released. That again is normal for this episode.

If there is one, or more activities which caused visual subliminal distraction, and he returns to significant exposure performing those activities his mental difficulty will return.




The subject of this site is a problem engineers discovered in 1964 when it caused mental breaks for office workers.   


Current published stories  DO NOT have information to establish  Kanye created the "special circumstances" for Subliminal Distraction.

Examples of other personalities doing that to cause anxiety are Here.


But his history of paranoid rants during tour shows, believing Jay-Z and  Beyoncé would send killers after him, is typical of a Subliminal Distraction metal event.

Fear, panic, anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, psychosomatic complaints, and thoughts of suicide have been recorded for this exposure.

Sites such as TMZ wrote stories claiming a nervous breakdown from stress, lack of sleep, self controlling, or failing to  take, unspecified medications.

Stories claimed "sources close to the family" cite Kim saying he believed everyone was after him.

The same stories claimed he had psychological problems for a long time, taking medications for them.

Different stories said he stopped taking his meds, or the opposite, that he increased dosages after the robbery in France.

Early on stories claimed he was dehydrated and had sleep deprivation to cause a psychotic episode. That would have taken a maximum of two days to deal with.

His ten day stint in the psychiatric hospital says he had a more serious problem.

One the more bizarre speculations was that it was grief over his mother' death nine years ago because he cancelled the LA Forum gig on the anniversary of her death, November 20.



He isn't faking.  Follow along as I explain why he cannot be faking.

Hollywood and Nashville personalities do not know what Subliminal Distraction is.

Nor would they know what the correct symptoms of exposure are.

Kanye has two activities which have high risk for Subliminal Distraction. Plus, he exhibits the correct symptoms of that problem.

He is a rap lyrics creator, and does sketches for his clothing designs. 

The mental investment to perform both of those jobs is enough to put him at risk

if he works without peripheral vision blocking protection.

Amanda Bynes also has endeavors to cause Subliminal Distraction.

She is an actor, designs clothing, and is a college student.

In her case symptoms increased or decreased as she changed situations.

Symptoms decreased when she was separated from her daily activities when in rehab.

They increased again when she started school.

Her distress, and symptoms changed when she moved her living arrangements.

Mental illness does not vary with changes in location, or in daily activities, but Subliminal Distraction does.