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Jamison Family Disappearance

Bedroom computer workstation pictures have been found.

This page cites evidence that the Jamison disappearance and deaths were caused by a Subliminal Distraction episode.

A re-broadcast  of the TV show Disappeared, Number 30 first aired Dec 6, 2010,  has purported video of the Jamison bedroom showing two computers side by side.  

This would confirm they both had Subliminal Distraction exposure.

Picture, frame grab,  below.


The Jamison family vanished while on a trip to a remote area where they planned to buy property. Their truck was found with about $30.000 in cash and the young daughter's dog inside.  Their bodies were eventually found several miles into the terrain from where the truck was left.

Much has been written both before and after the bodies were found about theories of why it happened.


There was a history of bizarre behavior including video of the couple loading their truck for the trip. The latest story, July 2014, from The Daily Mail in the UK cites phone interviews with family and friends. 

Those interviews revealed that Sherilynn had been diagnosed as Bipolar, and had severe mood swings with episodes of depression. They were reported to tell their pastor they had seen spirits inside the house.   Bobby went to a gun shop and tried to buy bullets to kill spirits he claimed to see on the roof.  

Sherilynn was reported  to claim she had special abilities, powers . (See QiGong for example of beliefs of special powers from Subliminal Distraction.)

All that would have been necessary to cause them to experience hallucinating 'spirits,' and having severe mood swings  from intermittent Subliminal Distraction with periodic exposure was to put the home computer, or use a lap top computer where they each moved in peripheral vision of the computer user.


Question, was there a large mirror in the room, where?

This frame grab is from an episode of Disappeared.   It was in a pan moving from the bathroom, on the left in this picture, to the desk and two chairs on the right.

The icon in the lower right is for another show.

You can see the side by side positioning of the two desks and a computer monitor on the left desk. 

The police may have taken laptop computers and the CPU for a desk top computer that was on the left desk.

Most bedrooms have a large mirror. There should be a reflection if that is a mirror on the door in the back wall.   






Yet to be investigated is whether or not Disappeared used video from the Jamison house or substituted stock video in the program.  But the Subliminal Distraction causing placement of the two desks is evidence of exposure that would have happened to anyone using the situation. 


So far, emails to the Sheriff and emails to other authors have produced no results. 

Authors want to write stories about what might have happened. If the mystery is solved that opportunity for future story sales vanishes. 






Outcomes of racing hearts, headaches, dizziness, nausea, trouble sleeping and memory loss appeared for students in 14 Ontario, Canada elementary schools when Wi-Fi was installed so laptop computers could be used anywhere in classrooms. ( See the Site Outline page.)

Pictures from the Jamison property show strange writings on large steel shipping containers said to have been done to warn off threats.

Subliminal Distraction is not mental illness but widely spaced exposure to cause separate episodes of mania or depression would be diagnosed as Bipolar Disorder.

By copying the conditions engineers found to cause mental events in offices in 1964 it is possible to create  depression in a few days of moderate exposure.


The evidence needed to prove the connection of  Subliminal Distraction to the Jamison disappearance is  information from someone who had been in the house. A sketch of where computers were located and a rough estimate of when the pair used them would be enough. ___  A TV show with video of the Jamison's bedroom computers has proved that connection.



So far efforts to reach family have been refused.   Family believes the Jamison's were killed by someone. Generally when someone has a strongly held belief they refuse to cooperate with anyone trying to prove otherwise.