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Culture Bound Syndromes



Culture Bound Syndromes are a group of bizarre behaviors found around the world. Each ethnic culture experiences them in terms of their beliefs.   This is disconcerting for investigators since they can't fit the behaviors and beliefs into any of the "disorders" of the DSM.


Although not understood the delusions of schizophrenia are also culture specific.


Most sites about Culture Bound Syndromes have a list of them with the explanation from local sources.  This page is about what causes the psychotic-like beliefs and bizarre behaviors.


CBS's can be defined in two ways.


The first grouping:

This list conforms to the general diagnosis Brief Psychotic Disorder or reactionary psychosis.


A second Grouping:

This grouping is about activities that engage the  conflict of physiology explored on this site.

The effected person had an occupation or activity which included:

These two groups overlap. Confusion arises because symptoms may vary from the violence of Amok to the strange behavior of removing clothes and running across snow and ice in Arctic Hysteria.

Investigators of Culture Bound Syndromes have been missing a key piece of information. That is the existence of a conflict in the physiology sight.   Subliminal Distraction

The DSM is a collection of observations to  group mental disorders into mood disorders and psychotic disorders. This system of categorization fails when Culture Bound Syndromes are considered because the behaviors are not similar. There is no apparent common observed behavior for most CBS's. The jumping diseases, plus  Amok, Going Postal and Iich'aa are exceptions to that. And that's where the information to understand them all is.



This early woodcut print does not look like a modern office but the possibility of Subliminal Distraction for occupants is the same.

Confined living arrangements in too-small single-room housing held family or clan members close together so that when someone entered a mental state of complete and full mental investment to make tools or weapons, repair or create clothing, work on ceremonial objects, or just daydream, the "special circumstances" for Subliminal Distraction exposure were created.


Today we think of computer use or long hours sitting at a desk performing knowledge work as the only cause of  Subliminal Distraction exposure. But the level of mental investment is same for everyone when you concentrate to work that you are no longer consciously aware of events happening around you.

It's the state of full mental investment that allows exposure not the nature of the work.

This would be true for Culture Bound Syndromes such as Ghost Sickness, Windigo Psychosis, Lap Panic, Arctic Hysteria, Cabin Fever, and others.





The list below is taken from the original investigation site.

Included are "disorders" that can be associated with Subliminal Distraction.

These disorders are not currently considered Culture Bound Syndromes.

But Anorexia, for instance, predominately  happens to women. That is a definable group to meet the definition of Culture Bound Syndrome.