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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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WandxrBus Mental Breaks


A young newly married couple traveling in a modified VW bus has reported having fights, and a mental breakdown.


This page with their Instagram pictures shows that they are using a computer,

smart phone, and reading a book in the close confined living arrangements of the bus.


In those close quarters it is easy to create the visual subliminal distraction mental break.


Not only can they detect each other's movement when they concentrate,

they have two dogs in the small bus with them.


If they go back to the point where the mental event happened,                     

then search their activities in the two, or so weeks before

                                       they can determine which activity caused Subliminal Distraction. 


A single exposure activity does not cause the mental event.

But exposure is cumulative so several activities can combine exposure.  Here


Stop doing that.


Make small changes so there is no  movement in peripheral vision when performing that activity.


It is unlikely they will create enough Subliminal Distraction exposure to have a serious episode.


But without peripheral vision blocking protection         

when they use digital view-screen devices

                       the same mental event can happen again.


The full mental break strikes like lightening.

If it strikes while driving the confusion as it begins can cause a fatal accident.

Attempting to avoid a hallucinated object in the road is an example.





Anytime someone uses a computer they enter a level of mental investment which allows their peripheral vision warning system to subliminally detect movement, then instantaneously attempt to execute the vision startle reflex. Demonstration


This creates a startle, and head turn to look at the source of movement.  If the movement is safe, your brain attaches a zero level of attention to the movement which consciously forces the suppression of your startle reflex. 


But we can't stop seeing anything in our vision field.  As you continue working every time the movement happens your brain subliminally detects it in peripheral vision, and attempts but fails the suppressed startle again.


It is happening in your mind below thought reason, and consciousness.  Thus, exposure cannot be consciously experienced.




This brain function is explained, and defined as a 'visual subliminal distraction' in first semester psychology.

But the mental break is rarely mentioned.


After explaining that suppressing the vision startle reflex causes a conflict in the mind,

and that continued suppression allowed the conflict to build to a mental break,

all my instructor said was, "Subliminal sight caused a problem in the early days of modern office design."

In psychology it is treated as a historical note, not a problem of everyone's physiology of sight.


Fifty years ago design engineers discovered that Subliminal Distraction could cause a mental break.

The full explanation begins with "Subliminal Distraction"


When those engineers were told it was caused by the consciously forced suppression of the vision startle reflex the cubicle, then later  Systems Furniture for open plan offices, were created to stop it by 1968.


A multi billion dollar industry exists around the world to provide peripheral vision blocking protection to prevent the believed-harmless "office worker" mental break.


But if the "office worker" mental event is created every few weeks by home computer users, video game players, and social media users. it will be diagnosed as bipolar disorder.  DSM