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The Wayback Machine will show this site is an investigation of Subliminal Distraction begun in 2002.

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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Political organizations for Gun Control

could be massively successful if they included

Subliminal Distraction's connection to mass shootings

in their presentations, and arguments.


Hollywood & Nashville personalities have allied with Everytown for gun safety

to effect legislation about firearms.


Anyone with a computer at home or a child in school should have the information about the

"mental break causing design mistake.".

engineers discovered in 1964.

Hollywood & Nashville personalities have panic attacks, anxiety attacks, and depressive episodes.

They are unaware those are the symptoms of preventable Subliminal Distraction exposure.  

Amanda Bynes / Taylor Swift

Students, home computer users on social media, and video game players using computers long hours in "unprotected workspace"

have the opportunity to create the "mental break causing design mistake" engineers found and created the cubicle to stop by 1968.

College suicides often have information in news reports that point to a Subliminal Distraction causation

for their sudden depressive episode precipitating the suicide. 

.Student Suicides   Student Disappearances

There is evidence, unrealized in news reports, to show the Virginia Tech, Redlake tribal school, Jokela, Finland culinary school, and Atlanta day trader shooters

created the "special circumstances" for the "mental break causing design mistake" engineers discovered, and solved fifty years ago.

Police photos show Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook shooter, had all the necessary hardware to cause this mental event. 


Exaggerated eyelid retraction of surviving shooters, which quickly remits, shows Holmes and Hasan had a recent deep brain disturbance.

My wife had that physical effect the morning after she experienced a Subliminal Distraction event.

Have you not wondered why mass shooters have been students, home computer users on social media, video game players, with a few small business office workers?

I have been unable to get past gatekeepers for those Hollywood and Nashville personalities attempting to organize political efforts for "gun control."


Efforts to reduce deaths from firearms would have a quick successful outcome to reduce violence,

including mass murder events,

if they included the information about visual subliminal distraction in their political arguments.