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Barney and Betty Hill's alien abduction was a Subliminal Distraction episode.


Did you know there has never been a blind alien abductee?

Did you also know that those blind from birth and blind with no neural impulses on the optic nerve

do not have panic attacks or schizophrenia?


Those with no sight cannot have Subliminal Distraction exposure.


Investigators of the Hill abduction have been missing a key piece of information.    A simple problem discovered when it caused believed-harmless episodes of psychotic-like confusion would have caused Barney's psychosomatic symptoms.  Those symptoms were  the reason for the trip to Canada.

The Hill abduction story happened in 1961  Subliminal Distraction was not discovered until 1964.  Both Barney and Betty had jobs which at the time would not have had Cubicle Level Protection.  No one would have known the problem, capable of causing bizarre mental events, existed in 1961.

When Barney's revelation happened under hypnosis his doctor believed it was a fantasy. But when the news broke UFO researchers determined there was missing time during their drive home from Canada.  When the time, Betty explained, they were driving very slow, 5 MPH, is added to the time spent driving around looking for somewhere the could find coffee, there is not enough remaining missing time for the abduction to have happened.


So what did happen?    Barney had a panic attack-like episode under hypnosis in which he hallucinated the alien abduction.   In the following weeks he and Betty cross communicated the elements of the story.


If you look at the pictures they drew of the aliens, they are different.  While they could cross communicate or confabulate the story, they could not communicate an image with sleep talk or hints to each other when they discussed it. They never compared the appearance of their conception of the alien.  They would have innocently believed they each saw the same thing.

Understand, they didn't lie. But their experience was based on a Subliminal Distraction episode and hallucination of the abduction Barney had under hypnosis.    That happened after the fact as they told the story.   They sincerely believed the story they told was true.   


The standard story says that the couple were never interested in outer space thus could not have made the story up from material they encountered.   Not true.    Betty had found a newspaper article about the solar system and spent some time studying it. The picture of the alien Barney drew closely matched features of the alien from an episode of Outer Limits, that aired after the trip but before Barney's hypnosis revelation.


Teacher and amateur astronomer Marjorie Fish, in 1966, found a binary star system, Zeta Reticuli, in the southern hemisphere sky that she claimed matched the  star map in Betty's sketch.   The Gliese Star Catalogue, 1969,  which revealed stars matched Betty's sketch  was not available to anyone in 1961. But other investigators since then have pointed out that the picture is actually a sketch of our solar system drawn from an unusual perspective past Jupiter looking back at the Sun.   Remember, Betty said the aliens claimed the heavy lines between the globes were trade routes and the dotted lines were exploration paths.   There are no dimensions in Betty's sketch.   It was drawn freehand while under hypnosis.  


Barney and Betty were the subject of pranks someone who managed to break into the house perpetrated on them.   A relative communicated with me, but denied the events were pranks. The relative's book with Stanton Friedman, about the abduction as a real event,  was being written at the time I contacted her.  In email replies Friedman said he could not understand how Subliminal Distraction was involved in the Hill story.


My point to Dr. Friedman was that every claimed abduction story or alien sighting should be investigated and Subliminal Distraction exposure eliminated as the cause of a hallucinated event.   Those observers with jobs or hobbies that would allow Subliminal Distraction must be viewed with skepticism. It can be shown that Subliminal Distraction situations will cause hyper-suggestibility.  That means that even group sightings might be suspect.


As an example, the Phoenix lights are still being claimed as UFOs even though an overlay of a daytime picture of the mountains in the distance, taken from the point that the video was shot,  shows each light vanishes when it drops down behind the range of  mountains. That means the lights were parachute flares dropped miles behind the mountains in an aircraft practice exercise.  In fact if you watch the full video carefully one of the lights drops a phosphor trail as it ignites. Those who believe the lights are unexplained UFOs may, (repeat may), be chronic Subliminal Distraction victims experiencing light paranoia from unrealized exposure.  There is of course a less charitable explanation involving mental capacity. 


Someone would enter the Hill's house and disturb everything.   But the most interesting such event was the placement of a pair of Betty's blue earrings in a pile of withered leaves on the dining table. Betty took it to mean that helpful aliens had found the earrings and returned them to her. But the relative I contacted said the earrings had  not been known to be missing before the appeared on the table.

Not revealed in any of the stories on-line about the abduction is the fact that the house had a rental apartment which was occupied during the time the abduction happened.   You have to wonder how those breaking into the house were able to pick times the Hills were absent to break in and make changes in the household. I inquired about the type of door locks the house had but never received a satisfactory description or explanation.

There were several people who knew the Hills but they all refused to cooperate to supply information that might disprove the event as an abduction and disturb Betty, who was still alive at the time I made contacts.



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