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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Behaviors diagnosed PTSD may be a simple, preventable, problem.


Although PTSD is a widely accepted reason for psychiatric symptoms remember,

it is an unproven theory.


There is no mechanism so that memories of trauma can rise in the mind to cause flashbacks, hallucinations, panic attacks, anxiety, or depression.


But there is a simple problem everyone has that engineers discovered to cause mental breaks for office workers in 1964.


Happening in the mind below thought, reason, and consciousness it cannot be consciously experienced.  Demo Onset Here


A physical situation which forces the long-term suppression of the vision startle reflex, it can be replicated to prove psychiatric outcomes.


Unlike PTSD, this causation can be experimentally investigated by anyone with full sight who can suppress the vision startle reflex.


Engineers  hired to modernize the business office accidentally discovered this previously unknown problem with human physiology.


Knowledge workers using newly designed close-spaced workstations began to have mental breaks.



They designed the office cubicle to block peripheral vision to stop it by 1968.




Key to understanding it:                                                                                                                                                                                                


Engineers did not cause it as they believed.                                                        

                 They created the set of "special circumstances to reveal it existed.

                                                             It has always existed, part of everyone's physiology of sight


The information never reached mental health services.


If you create the "special circumstances" long enough you will have the same 'office worker' episode.

Unaware of Subliminal Distraction, your psychiatrist will diagnose  a mental disorder,   PTSD .




Although discovered in offices computers allow anyone to create the problem anywhere.


Example of home computer, and knowledge work locations.  Here



The mistake being made in PTSD is to assume the subject of flash backs are the cause of the experience.


Rather, when a Subliminal Distraction episode strikes suddenly, the mind attempts to understand it by remembering

previous experiences which created the current sensations with fear, paranoia, anxiety, and panic.


This means each person experiences a Subliminal Distraction sudden episode differently.


If the Subliminal Distraction episode is caused by a common local activity the experienced is communicated to others.


Then when the local activity causes others to have the Subliminal Distraction event it is experienced, and understood it  the same.


This happens around the world as Culture Bound Syndromes.  Here


There is no cost to learn what Subliminal Distraction is, then avoid it.


There is no  treatment or drug necessary, and avoiding it will not interfere with any treatment you now have.


If you have depressive episodes, repeating manic or psychotic-like episodes, and are creating Subliminal Distraction exposure where you work, study, use a computer on social media, or play video games,

the episodes will vanish if you find an stop exposure


Not mental illness Subliminal Distraction requires a location and activity with hours of full mental investment,

 while there is detectable movement nearby in peripheral vision.


There is no treatment possible or necessary. Conventional drugs designed to perturb brain chemistry cannot effect this problem.


It spontaneously remits without treatment when exposure is found and stopped.


Chronic exposure will cause repeating, remitting, manic or depressive episodes







Perform my demonstration of subliminal sight and habituation in peripheral vision here.


You will witness movement in peripheral vision vanish, pop out of sight, while you observe it in peripheral vision.

This is how exposure begins subliminally and is thus UNDETECTABLE.




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The physiology involved is explained beginning with Subliminal Distraction.


Detailed explanations continue with linked pages:


2) Mental Break Discovery 1964   3) Why they happen    4) Drugs   5) Spontaneous Remission



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The College Suicides page has the explanation for Subliminal Distraction caused suicides.


If Subliminal Distraction is the cause of episodes  incorrectly diagnosed as PTSD  there   MUST   be a location

and activity where you are creating exposure.


Exposure is cumulative so there may be more than one location.

This will happen for college students having exposure in classrooms, dorm rooms, and computer labs.

Other multiple exposure locations  can happen when groups or large families live in confined small arrangements.

It also happens when family members take no precaution using tablets and laptops anywhere in homes.

See Culture Bound Syndromes page.

The conflict in your physiology of sight that allows exposure is:

While you can learn to ignore threat-movement in peripheral vision to stop the startle,

you can't stop seeing anything in your vision field.

You can't prevent your brain's subliminal reaction to that detected movement,

or prevent the subliminal attempt to execute the vision startle reflex.


This happens in your mind below thought, reason and consciousness.



A massive number of subliminal FAILED attempts to execute the vision startle reflex

is the mechanism to cause depression, manic episodes and flashbacks beginning with fear, panic, worry,

until the failed attempts begin to shape thought.



In the case of Subliminal Distraction I can prove the design mistake causes psychiatric symptoms.


The details are not on this site. You can preview the experiment conditions by viewing the Finnish National Police picture of Pekka-Eric Auvinen's bedroom computer on the Site Outline, and Mass Shooting pages.


Warning:  The mirror in peripheral vision will not provide stimulation fast enough to create a safe outcome. Auvinen had months of low-level exposure before he killed eight and committed suicide in Jokela, Finland.


 Requirements for the experiment are full competent sight and the ability to suppress the vision startle reflex.


That ability is shown by successfully performing my demonstration of subliminal sight and habituation in periphreal vision.  Demo






Opponents of the diagnosis PTSD point out that there is no mechanism where by previously experienced trauma can suddenly come forth in your mind to cause psychiatric symptoms such as depression, and manic psychotic episodes.


Flashbacks of previous stressful situations are seen as evidence that previous traumatic events cause PTSD.  Instead when the Subliminal Distraction episode strikes like lightening your brain, confused by the mental break on-set, tries to understand by recreating previous events deemed similar.


The diagnosis PTSD arose as a theory during the Vietnam war as an opposition to the war. It generally replaces a previous diagnosis of battle fatigue and the earlier diagnosis  Shell Shock.


The  bizarre behaviors of Shell Shock have not been seen since trench warfare. There is video of a silent movie that shows those behaviors,   War Neurosis, Netley Hospital 1917.   Here    In those video segments you will learn that those behaviors were stopped in as little as 30 minutes with "treatment" and suggestion. That fact suggests that Shell Shock was actually Subliminal Distraction created from the confined arrangements for living and fighting in the trenches.


The further suggestion is that Subliminal Distraction, unknown in mental health services, is being mistaken for mental illness. 



The advantage for you in this is that you can determine if you are creating exposure to cause psychiatric symptoms. No cost, no treatment, and the search will not interfere with any treatment you now have.


Simple free precautions will stop that exposure.



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