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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.

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Amanda Bynes, and other Hollywood Personalities Have Experienced Depressive Episodes,

Bipolar Disorder, and Mental Breakdowns.

They are told they are mentally ill and subjected to drug or talk therapy.


But no one screens for a problem they all engage, visual subliminal distraction.



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Writing scripts, memorizing lines, practicing an instrument all can be 'risk activities' for Subliminal Distraction if done where there is repeating detectable movement nearby in peripheral vision.



When their exposure activity stops, their brain has  rest from Subliminal Distraction.


They will begin to spontaneously remit symptoms. Separation from risk activities is essentially what rehab does.


Isolation from daily exposure causing activities allows a spontaneous remission,  without treatment or after effects.


Those providing mental heath services, unaware of this simple problem personalities engage, believe their treatment modality is the source of remission of symptoms.


In 2002 my wife had a psychotic break when her office was changed eliminating Cubicle Level Protection.


I had learned of the "mental break causing design mistake" engineers found in 1964 as a 22 year old engineering student in 1966.  But I had never seen it happen before.


I discovered the public, and the entire mental health establishment around the world is unaware this problem exists.


Single, or widely spaced exposure incidents are normal, and harmless.

       It is part of the normal function of everyone's physiology of sight.

             We all have this exposure every day without any symptoms.


The outcomes of anxiety, depression, panic, paranoia, and thoughts of suicide are created when Subliminal Distraction happens for hours each day over many days.


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Subliminal Distraction


Most are convinced when they perform my demonstration of subliminal sight and

the habituation of conscious sight in peripheral vision.  Here


Movement in peripheral vision will vanish while you watch it.


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Evidence that Subliminal Distraction is the cause of a behavior can be confirmed or discounted by interview to establish exposure locations.









This site shows that depression and anxiety are outcomes of Subliminal Distraction exposure.


Actors, writers, musicians, and performers can create the "mental break causing design mistake" engineers discovered,

and with enough exposure, have depressive episodes or spaced psychotic-like episodes to be diagnosed as Bipolar Disorder.


If this is your first page here, Subliminal Distraction is undetectable, happening in the brain below thought, reason, and consciousness.

This site explores it  as the unrealized, long sought, cause of college suicides.

Avoiding exposure is simple and free.   To learn, begin with the first page about what Subliminal Distraction is, here.







Naomi Judd


Naomi has written a book, "River of Time," about her struggles with depression.   In an article published on MSN she mentioned that drugs have not worked.   First,   an investigation by a British university after filing a FOIA request to the FDA to get all the test results for antidepressant drugs published, and unpublished, revealed there is no statistical difference in antidepressant drugs, and placebo. 


| A Harvard scientist says the drugs used to treat depression are effective, but for many, it's not the active ingredient that's making people feel better. It's the placebo effect."  CBS News 60 Minutes


This quote is from the CBS site for the segment.   The actual discussion was that the drugs are not statistically better than placebo. 


Subliminal Distraction experiences do not, they cannot respond to drug treatment.   The symptoms will remit when there is rest from the daily activities which copy the "mental break causing design mistake" explored on this site.


Her depression should have remitted with time.  Why didn't it?  Her working, writing a book,  suggests that her depression is from Subliminal Distraction.   Such depressive episodes  will continue as long as the subject continues to work performing knowledge work in a location with detectable movement in peripheral vision. As long as exposure continues the symptoms, depression, anxiety and panic attacks will continue.


In a YouTube video Naomi relates her experience with panic attacks. She describes the racing pounding heart, emotional distress, skin sensations and other symptoms of panic attacks but also mentions hallucinations.   That last item says she was having a Subliminal Distraction episode.


If this is your first time on this site go to the HOME page to learn what this site is about, then click the link for the first explanation page, Subliminal Distraction.  There are four explanation pages.










Sharon Osbourne related an event she had with the symptoms she described corresponding to  a  Subliminal Distraction caused panic attack.   I did not see the entire segment,  or have a recording of that show. A current email I sent from her site contact page asks for information.












Amanda Bynes       Her experience began when she started working on clothing design. It remitted when her parents moved her to California, away from the New York apartment where she would have worked on design.   The symptoms returned when she started design school.     That time line suggests she is having a Subliminal Distraction episode.


News reports of statements from her attorney say she was not taking psychotropic drugs when she recovered.


Schizophrenia does not react like that.    It does not begin or remit with changes in living arrangement or changes in situations.    But Subliminal Distraction does exactly that.   Once someone stops the behavior that is allowing exposure the episode spontaneously remits with no treatment or after effects.   


If you have an activity in a location that allows Subliminal  Distraction exposure every few weeks, the mild manic, depressive, or psychotic-like episode would begin in concert, during or after significant exposure, then remit after exposure stops.      Frequently repeating but separate episodes would be diagnosed as Bipolar Disorder. DSM


Psychiatrists are unaware engineers discovered or solved Subliminal Distraction caused mental events.


 No one screens for this problem before diagnosing mental illness.  


When the mental event spontaneously remits during, but unrelated to, treatment doctors take credit for the recovery.    Spontaneous Remissions


Schizophrenia also does not produce hallucinations that are jokes or pranks.  Amanda said she was engaged to Caleb who worked in a bait shop.     We then learn Caleb is an actor who does not know her except that they met  when in rehab.    Amanda is in an altered mental state so that she believes she is harassing the paparazzi with the stories.  It is true she does not immediately appreciate these statements, but it is a temporary condition.   She is showing poor or altered judgment from her altered paranoid mental state but she is not mentally ill.    


Amanda has retracted statements and accusations.  The mentally ill do not retract statements. They delusionally, psychotically,  believe what they say. Their  beliefs do not switch back and forth on different days.  


As an example when my wife had this mental event she claimed cameras had been installed to watch her at work.  Paranoia is a major feature in Subliminal Distraction hallucinations.   She claimed to have seen boxes installed on manager's desks so they could listen to her phone calls.  I discovered phone repairs had been made when manager's phones stopped working.   (My brother worked in the university communication maintenance department.)     Later Connie said she was being watched through the computer on the work shelf behind her.    The story had changed but not her belief about being watched or being surveilled. Connie did not retract the story and say  the hallucinated surveillance never happened.  Connie's Case


In Amanda's case her accusations about her father were retracted. If she were mentally ill her story of the event, how or when it happened, could have changed but not the fact that it never happened.


 If you believe drug treatment caused Amanda's improvement read the Drug page here.


Her family blames the use of drugs for her bizarre behavior. While that is possible, it is more likely drug use began as attempted self medication for the depressive effect of Subliminal Distraction exposure.    Subliminal Distraction should be investigated and eliminated first before resorting to drug treatment for suspected mental illness.   Why? 


NOT MENTAL ILLNESS,    Subliminal Distraction requires a location and activity thus exposure can be found by interview. 


Finding behaviors to cause Subliminal Distraction would raise it as the cause of bizarre behavior.      


Eliminating Subliminal Distraction is simple and free requiring no treatment.     If symptoms subside there is no need for other treatment.











Demi Lovato    On a tour plane in South America Demi hit a dancer in the face with her fist then had an emotional breakdown.


She described it as a nervous breakdown. The sudden attack coupled with the emotional break says Subliminal Distraction.   


But only Demi can search her activities in the days  just before the event to establish she had created the "special circumstances" for a Subliminal Distraction event.   She has been open with fans about her mental problems but is relying on information from those who believe mental illness is treatable.


Worse yet, Demi has been told her problem stems from the frailty of the human psyche, nonsense psychosocial psychobabble.  Her quote below is an example.  Demi didn't make this up. She got it from someone treating her in rehab.   



"One of the reasons I was so unhappy for years was because I never embraced my emotions and I was trying to stay in control," she explained. "In treatment, all of the negative things I did were stripped away and I had to start processing my feelings."  Demi Lovato


I would argue that the reason she was so unhappy is that she was creating low level Subliminal Distraction exposure and having depression from that exposure.

(Keep in mind that I can show Subliminal Distraction will cause depression in an experiment that copies the situation engineers found in 1964.  Unhappiness, despondency, and thoughts of failure were the first outcomes I experienced when I tested the experiment.)



Early in her career she remarked that she spent her time before Disney in  her room playing her guitar, writing music and lyrics. Bedrooms usually have large mirrors.   A communication from Demi would be necessary to show all her negative behaviors, cutting and eating disorders she mentioned, were caused by performing knowledge work in that bedroom with a mirror in peripheral vision. The exposure could have continued as she memorized lines and rehearsed for her Disney show. 











Selena Gomez   


September 2017


Selena has revealed that during the 90 days she previously said were spent in rehab, she was having a kidney transplant necessitated  by Lupus.   This does not change the fact that she is not taking precautions for visual subliminal distraction.    It does explain that her rehab for emotional problems took much less time.  That is normal for most Subliminal Distraction caused psychiatric distress.


Reports are still saying she cancelled her tour because of panic attacks.


March  2017 


Videos on TV celebrity news programs are appearing with essentially the same segment where Selena tells what prompted her 90 day stay in a Tennessee rehab facility   The symptoms she relates, feelings of unworthiness,  being a fraud, are typical of a Subliminal Distraction caused episode.   The Vogue issue being promoted by these early segments will not be on news stands until the 28th of March.


Home Video


Selena's house viewed  in video on celebrity news programs shows potential Subliminal Distraction situation in her  bedroom.   __  Note the computer screen on the table to Selena's right.  There is no keyboard, or CPU.  They could have been removed to clean up the visual for the room .   __  It is also not known if this computer placement is just a dressing of the room for the video. 


Also note the windows behind Selena.  When it is dark outside while the room is lighted they will act as a "dark mirror."  You can set this situation up to see that mirror effect.



While we don't know that Selena created this design mistake with her computer workstation, then spent enough time with movement in her peripheral vision while she concentrated just to use it,  we do know she spent 90 days in rehab for depression.   THIS DARK GLASS WINDOW REFLECTION  IS A PROBLEM EVERYONE SHOULD RECGNIZE, AND AVOID TO PREVENT SUBLIMINAL DISTRACTION.


If the curtains are closed this can't happen.  But the style of curtain requires that each to be closed individually   There is no overhead track to close them all with a drawstring.




Subliminal Distraction exposure is cumulative, explained beginning here, so that all her exposure from all her daily activities, adds for significant problematic total exposure.



Subliminal Distraction symptoms spontaneously remit with appropriate rest from exposure.  That's why 90 days in rehab away from all daily activities causes a remission of depressive ideation, and feeling of unworthiness.







Selena Gomez bedroom computer shows incorrect placement.























September 2016 


News sources are reporting that Selena has cancelled her tour due to anxiety and panic attacks with depression.   There is a picture she posted on Social Media showing her using a computer in her dressing area with large mirrors in her peripheral vision.   That set of circumstances, when repeated enough, would cause panic & anxiety attacks plus episodes of depression. One single incident is below the threshold of exposure to cause psychiatric symptoms, and is harmless.


It is not possible to determine the true source of such symptoms.   But reduced activity due to joint or skeletal pain from Lupus creates a stationary position so that movement in peripheral vision while performing any type of knowledge work, using a computer, allows Subliminal Distraction.



In this picture you can see Selena's reflection in the glass to  her left.  As she concentrates, using the computer, every time she moves, her reflection moves in her peripheral vision,



That is visual subliminal distraction. Once someone learns to ignore distracting movement in peripheral vision, the startle stops.  But you can't stop seeing anything in your vision field. Your subconscious mind is still detecting that movement. Every time movement happens you brain reacts by attempting, but failing to execute, the consciously blocked, suppressed, vision startle reflex.  


All of this is explained in first semester psychology lectures on subliminal sight and peripheral vision reflexes.


The mental break is rarely mentioned. All my instructor said was, "Subliminal sight caused a problem in the early days of modern office design."  Engineers solved it with the office cubicle within four years


I had known of the problem since I was a 22 year old engineering student in 1966. But I had never seen it happen.  






Here Selena has flat affect, no facial expression, just after the first concert cancellation. Look at her eyes.


Selena has Flat Affect.


Nothing can be proved from this since we do not know when the peak of the mental disturbance happened, and do not know how long after that suspected event this picture was taken.


When it happened to my wife it only lasted a day or so.  Connie also had exaggerated eyelid retraction.  You can see that eyelid retraction on this site in the mug shots of mass shooters who survived. Mass Shooters Eyelid Retraction



Those mug shots of Holmes and Hasan would have been taken within hours of their  arrest.  The eyelid effect also remits with rest from Subliminal Distraction.  There are neurological causes of this eyelid effect but they do not remit without treatment.





















Selena uses computer near large mirror.

In this picture from The Daily Mail Selena is using her computer with a large mirror in peripheral vision.   The venue was Nashville.   The article said she was watching a TV show which appears to be the Big Bang Theory (Looks like Sheldon to me.). That could have been a half hour of visual subliminal distraction exposure.


It is not possible to determine if Selena could detect her own movement as a reflection from that mirror, or if others were moving around her while she used it to create threat-movement in her peripheral vision. Her seating position directly in front of the mirror shows that if she looked up she would see her reflection. That puts the mirror in her high peripheral vision.


Other news sources have reported constant crying episodes.  But since the gossip sites copy each other that cannot be verified.    Crying episodes are another symptom of Subliminal Distraction.

Her long hair would block side peripheral vision as she leans forward and down.  If her hair did that it would protect her from exposure due to threat movement on either side.   But movement of others behind her would appear as a reflection in that mirror. __ Peripheral vision covers an arc around conscious sight which includes movement above the line of sight when using a computer.

Hollywood personalities casually use computers, and text on phones taking no precaution for peripheral vision blocking protection


Her panic, anxiety attacks and depressive episodes may have nothing to do with Lupus.


These pictures do not prove Selena was having Subliminal Distraction in each photo.


They show she is unaware of visual subliminal distraction, and takes no precaution when she engages activities to cause it.







July 2016:


Selena has experienced another incident of crying while performing this time in Indonesia.



Interviews in October 2015 reveal that Selena had chemotherapy for Lupus when she cancelled her tour.  But there are still the incidents of crying while performing and sudden reactions to equipment failures in other performances.


Selena's people denied she had a mental break when she cancelled her Asian tour.   But candid paparazzi photos of her at the time show flat affect.   (Flat affect is blank or no facial expression.)  The tour has not been rescheduled a year later. If all the music and set design had been done that is strange.   



There have been three incidents that raise suspicion that Selena has Subliminal Distraction causing activities. But that evidence is not enough to confirm exposure.


Selena reacted to sound equipment failure with a profanity and walked off stage.


In another incident she had a crying episode while performing with a child from the audience.   


In the last few days, December 2014, stories have emerged that Selena had an emotional outburst at Taylor Swift's birthday party. She is reported to have begun crying and , and had a loud outburst saying, “No one understands me! My boyfriend doesn't even understand me!"     From several gossip sites the outburst was unexpected and unrelated to the party.     In other reporting some say the event is made up and never happened.    Without an admission from Selena it cannot be confirmed.


None of the  incidents is completely convincing as Subliminal Distraction caused. But Selena is a professional performer, and they should not have happened.


In a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest published on-line Nov 11,  2014, Selena mentioned crying episodes backstage before performances.   The date referred was a year ago which would put them near the time of the tour cancellation. (They were discussing a video and song that had been held for a year.) 


It is impossible to determine what is real and what has been written by publicists to promote a song release.    Did the crying before performances happen, or are they  an invention to bring attention to the song release?


The crying episodes before performing, if they happened,  are more convincing that light Subliminal Distraction exposure is causing Selena's outbursts.


Whatever happened before the tour cancelation, it was enough for her to enter rehab for a short time.  


Rehab takes personalities away from the activities they were engaging which caused Subliminal Distraction. A month in rehab, rest from Subliminal Distraction, allows spontaneous remissions of symptoms, depression, panic attacks, or Bipolar Disorder.



A few of the people I interviewed for this site said that when they had Subliminal Distraction exposure they could not get along with wives or husbands.   One of the outcomes of exposure is paranoia shaping thought.    Minor behavior issues between couples are raised to annoying levels to shape relationships. Recent reports of her relationship problems may stem from Subliminal Distraction exposure.






















Miley Cyrus    She has often been quoted as saying she is a little ADD. 


Since I wrote this page Miley has given an interview in which she mentioned she often "spaces  out" while being made up.   The interview was short and did not say if this happens while she is in a make up chair or at home while she applies make up herself That level of Zen like mental state would be enough to allow Subliminal Distraction if there is movement in peripheral vision while she is "out."


A recent mention of a severe depressive episode in news reports brought this Elle article to my attention. The date of the episode is not given but it happened while Miley was on Hannah Montana.



Reported by Tavi Gevinson, Elle, Apr 30, 2014




As Hannah Montana there were YouTube clips of her forgetting lyrics while performing.   This is the problem Taylor Swift has from time to time, short attention breaks with small mistakes.  


At least two crying episodes have been reported. One was on the plane to the movie shoot for The Last Song. Another was reported during the shoot of So Undercover in New Orleans.     On a recent occasion news reports say she managed to cut her finger in a blender.      


Miley lives in a house with 6 (?) puppies and now a pet pig running around to create detectable movement in peripheral vision when she uses a computer or tablet, writes music or lyrics, practices or rehearses playing guitar.    Daydreaming is enough concentration to allow Subliminal Distraction exposure.     


In Miley's "Everything" video on YouTube you can actually see a single incident of Subliminal Distraction happen. Miley was taking a math test in her mother's shoe closet with Feather, her sister's dog and Mate, her dog moving in her peripheral vision.   Everything video YouTube    Frame grabs coming.


At count 6:40,   Feather moves from a position well out of Miley's conscious sight vision arc, behind and below her. She reacts to the movement. Her head turns quickly toward the subliminally detected movement. As she identifies the movement to be safe,  she ignores it and looks back at the camera. This is an "automatic reaction" we all have.   Then at count 7:40 her dog Mate walks by in the exact same position.  There is no reaction.  


You can't 'stop seeing' anything in your vision field. Mate was in Miley's peripheral vision as threat-movement.     The failure to react to movement in peripheral vision is when the Subliminal Distraction event happened.


What you saw was the dog walk by, and no reaction.   


This exposure incident was undetectable to Miley.  Her conscious mind was unaware anything happened or that Mate walked by.  Because we can't stop seeing anything in our field of sight,   Miley subliminally saw,   detected,   the flash of movement when Mate moved in her far peripheral vision.  That was blocked from her conscious mind when she attached a zero level of attention to movement in peripheral vision earlier. But since subliminal sight cannot be blocked as part of the vision startle reflex threat detection system, the attempt to startle is made each time threat-movement is detected.  (This is explained in first semester psychology in lectures about how peripheral vision reflexes are created.  This is not a theory. or something I dreamed up.    It's a part of everyone's physiology of sight. It evolved to prevent early humans being a meal for predators.   When those early humans stopped roosting in trees for night time protection and began to build too-small single-room living arrangements it would have begun to cause psychiatric symptoms. Culture Bound Syndromes, small mental events,  are evidence of it around the world. )   CBS page      Ignoring all movement in peripheral vision is explained at the end of the Taylor Swift section, Below.


Repeated incidents through the day will eventually cause psychiatric symptoms ranging from Taylor Swift's short attention breaks from occasional light exposure, to Amanda Bynes' apparent mental illness; which began when she started working on clothing design. The full explanation of the physiology involved is too long to repeat here. Enter the site here or begin the psychology explanation here.


What happened is that Miley, as a part of the normal vision startle reflex, attached a zero level of attention to movement in peripheral vision she perceived as harmless. We all do that.   Then when her dog walked by, the same subliminal detection of movement happened, but the startle was blocked by the zero level of attention. That process happening in the brain below thought, reason, and consciousness, is defined in psychology as a visual subliminal distraction.  The design problem takes the same name, Subliminal Distraction.



Short losses of attention which she experiences as being "a little ADD" would be explained as Subliminal Distraction caused.  It would be necessary to diagram activities over time to determine if her "ADD" events actually do follow times she engaged Subliminal Distraction exposure. 


A simpler recourse is to put the puppies away, in another room or area, so it is impossible for any of them to move in Miley' peripheral vision when she works at home. (Paused  ..)










Taylor Swift       Site Contact Me Page


Taylor is suddenly hiding behind umbrellas, and wearing a hoodie in summer heat when in publicHere


Taylor has not experienced a mental event.   So why is this section about Taylor so large?  



Taylor is the only personality who has explained in detail how she works, and in so doing she reveals she is creating Subliminal Distraction exposure. (See other personalities on this page.)  There is video of her first Diet Coke commercial, and behind the scenes video for that commercial on YouTube showing her doing that.    Taylor takes no precaution for peripheral vision blocking protection when she stops anywhere to work.


The Diet Coke video examples are posed situations for the commercial. But in the behind the scene video, Taylor remarks that she is happy the commercial showed how she works.


Taylor's low level occasional exposure will not cause the full mental event unless she does something to increase that exposure. But it can explain her lifelong anxiety.


Anxiety episodes are one of the first outcomes of visual subliminal distraction.   Anxiety can be experimentally created by copying the "mental break causing design mistake" engineers discovered and solved fifty years ago. Warning   While short sessions will not cause psychiatric symptoms Subliminal Distraction is cumulative. Here





Diet Coke Video




This frame grab from the first Diet Coke video is posed for that video of course.


But it demonstrates how hair can block peripheral vision to prevent Subliminal Distraction on Taylor's right side while hair held back allows exposure on the left.
















Frame Grab from Begin Again 

This frame grab is from Taylor's video "Begin Again."  A posed situation which would not cause exposure for the actors.


Short exposure sessions alone are normal and harmless for everyone; But exposure is cumulative if you have several activities to cause exposure   Here


When someone concentrates to read, write, use a computer, or other view-screen device, the level of mental investment to allow Subliminal Distraction is engaged.


It isn't the nature of the activity but the level of mental investment.


Coffee shops such as Starbucks offer Wi-Fi for customers but do not warn them about using a computer at an open desk, or chair.







 Frame Grab showing conditions for exposure.

Another frame grab from a video, this image shows potential exposure situation even though the movement is far away.

To cause exposure your brain must detect threat movement, then attempt but fail to execute the consciously blocked, suppressed, vision startle reflex.

In this picture Taylor is working from her notebook on the small table.

Again, remember, these examples were posed situations for a video. Exposure is not happening in them.





Taylor has high visibility in that every thing she does is covered by all entertainment media sources.   If you watch Taylor very, very carefully, although she has not experienced the outcomes of other personalities, Taylor has small short lapses in attention and makes small mistakes. She is apparently unaware of the lapses.



Taylor is highly intelligent and does not make sloppy presentations.    She is meticulous in her appearance and takes charge when she is interviewed, always having an on point answer to an interviewer's questions, revealing her abilities.  


That's why the mistakes are certain to be Subliminal Distraction minor outcomes.    Plus, you can actually see video of her demonstrating  she is creating the "mental break causing design mistake,"  when she stops anywhere to work.  


Two letters to Scott Borchetta at Big Machine Records to warn her are unanswered.   (Events happening after the letters show she did not get the warning.)



This picture demonstrates the conditions for Subliminal Distraction but the cat is too far back to be subliminally detected as threat-movement to cause a failed attempt to startle. The white cat against a tan back ground would stand out to be detected though. Taylor's hair blocks much of her peripheral vision in this picture, which also blocks exposure..  But if the same thing is done with hair pulled back and her head slightly rotated to her right she would have exposure to cause her anxiety, nightmares of persecution, and small attention losses.   Taylor does not create enough exposure to have anything but minor symptoms.


Long  hours playing or rehearsing her guitar with pets moving in the room copies the "mental break causing design mistake" engineers discovered in 1964.   They designed the cubicle to prevent concentrating knowledge workers from subliminally detecting threat-movement to cause repeating FAILED attempts to execute the vision startle reflex.  This is defined in first semester psychology lectures as a visual subliminal distraction. The mental outcome from the engineering design mistake takes the same name. Subliminal Distraction.




1.)   Singing off key with Stevie Nicks was the first mistake I noticed. I suspected it was a Subliminal Distraction incident because when my wife had a full episode she could speak  but not sing at a church choir rehearsal. The ability to control vocal pitch is a complicated system of muscle feed back, and muscle memory that I suspect is effected in a Subliminal Distraction episode. (My wife's experience would have been diagnosed as Conversion Disorder, selective mutism. )




2.)  With the Rollingstone reporter in her car for a magazine interview, Taylor backed into her bass player's car. She had to see it parked behind her when they walked out, but seconds later she lost concentration forgetting it was there, and backed into it.



3.)  Sitting in the audience at an award show with Selena, Taylor popped off a profanity with cameras watching.   Small thing you say?  Taylor and Selena together are always on camera at those events. Selena was nominated for the award.  Professionals and participants in many award shows, they both had to know they would be on camera for reaction shots as the winner was announced.    But for a few seconds Taylor lost attention for that circumstance, where she was, what she was doing,  and the remark to Selena was aired.





4.) Taylor mentioned that she would talk to her image in the mirror to overcome anxiety before performing. In this recounting Taylor uses her superior intelligence to overcome episodes of anxiety.   She recognized the situation, and took appropriate steps to rise above the feelings of worry, fear, and anxiety.



5.)   In an interview reported in the Daily Mail today Oct 21,  Taylor reveals a symptom of Subliminal Distraction, anxiety.



"But Taylor Swift has admitted that despite the fame and fortune, the anxieties she suffered as a young girl still harass her today. During an interview with The Project on Tuesday night, the dazzling songstress revealed that everyday she battles with a new anxiety.   ...

'I always used to think to myself, "if I could just write songs, if I could just get a record deal, if I could just put out an album then I swear I would be happy and I wouldn't need anything else".'  ..." Taylor Swift  Daily Mail Australia, on-line Oct 21, 2014.


Anxiety is a primary outcome of Subliminal Distraction.   Since it happens in the brain below thought, reason, and consciousness Subliminal Distraction exposure cannot be consciously experienced. Thoughts shaped by anxiety from the subliminal appreciation of threat during subliminal failed attempts to visually startle, appear to be one's own thoughts without outside influence.     This is a very subtle effect.       It can be demonstrated experimentally.      But if Taylor has a sensitivity for Subliminal Distraction it could have caused mild symptoms of anxiety for a very long time.


This second quote shows Taylor has adapted well to worry and insecurity.

"I don't ever want to be presumptuous about doing well because then you might not work as hard at creating it,' she said. 'So I keep a nice healthy level of insecurity going at all times.  Taylor Swift   Daily Mail  Oct 29, 2014  (Daily Mail's British spelling corrected.)



6.)   In  several interviews since 2011 Taylor has mentioned nightmares where she is wrongly accused of crime then locked up.   She also said song ideas woke her up.    This could be a tool for Taylor to investigate Subliminal Distraction. Making note of the date of the dream then working back for a week or so to find activities that would have allowed Subliminal Distraction might convince Taylor she is having this problem.   Sleep disturbances are one of the outcomes of light or mild Subliminal Distraction exposure. ____  Anyone can make this evaluation for their own sleep disturbances. 



This level of exposure won't cause an event like my wife had....  But exposure is cumulative. Once you ignore threat movement in peripheral vision, the attempted triggering signal, movement and position, without color and shape, your brain cannot identify the source of movement or separate sources of threat movement.  All movement subliminally detected in peripheral vision the same to your brain.   That means when you learn to ignore one source of concentration breaking movement  you actually are ignoring all movement in peripheral vision.   




7.)  Time Nov 24, 2014  In this interview Taylor is quoted mentioning her experiences of fear.


"Yet as financially secure as Swift may be, she worries a great deal about her industry's  future and her own, periodically falling into, as she puts it, "rabbit holes of self doubt and fear."  She says, "It's a really important thing that I manage my anxiety when it comes to the future, because, you know I have very few female role models. That scares me sometimes."... "  Taylor Swift, Time, November 24, 2014,  page 44


8.)       Taylor has mentioned another symptom of Subliminal Distraction in the dispute with the Kardashians over their recording of her phone call with Kanye.   She said she is always paranoid, fearing she will be secretly taped.

Quote to follow.




As with  the behaviors to cause Subliminal Distraction  I believe led to small mistakes, the connection between Subliminal Distraction minor exposure and episodes of doubt or fear can be evaluated confirmed or discounted.  On other pages you will find the announcement that I can cause depression with a physical experiment.   When I tested the experiment the first subtle though changes I had were of despondency, and doubt.          I know Subliminal Distraction can cause the effects Taylor is having. 


The experiment is not on this site.  While completely safe if emailed instructions are assiduously followed, failure to take precautions listed in the instructions may allow a psychotic mental break like my wife had.   A picture of Connie's office and her hospital record are on site, Here.     Connie  and I were married just three months short of 41  years.    She died January 13, 2010.  Her decline and death began as severe reactions from psychotropic drugs she should not have been given. 


 Repeating episodes of fear, anxiety, and depression are indications of potential Subliminal Distraction, but they don't prove it.   Finding a source of exposure you have and making small changed to eliminate it, then observing the episodes have stopped, is the only way to determine the connection.


While Taylor's level of exposure is too light to cause severe outcomes, that can change quickly.   If  you have read the explanation pages from the site beginning you know that the full psychotic-like episode can be caused in as little as three days heavy exposure.  (ICU Psychosis in hospitals, QiGong and Kundalini mental breaks, and Large Group Awareness Training Seminar mental events.)           Anyone with a computer at home or a child in school should learn why the office cubicle was created.




9.)   On the Ellen show Taylor recounted having nightmares about being accused, and convicted of crimes she did not commit.  Those dreams are typical of thoughts shaped by Subliminal Distraction.  Although too long ago to be precise in remembering the dates, they are specific enough to locate them related to song writing sessions for an album.    It that is possible it might be true that Taylor can associate the dreams with situations she created to work which allowed visual subliminal distraction.






Repeating for emphasis.


 Without color and shape information in the triggering visual input, every trigger signal is the same to your brain. 


It does not matter if detected movement is from a person, pet, or inanimate object, the flash of movement is the same without color or shape information.


You lose identifying information when you suppress the vision startle reflex then stop turning and looking at the object that moved.    


When you ignore a single source of movement, this feature of our subliminally functioning brain system,  means you ignore all movement in peripheral vision.


This multiplier effect makes exposure appear to come from a single source, particularly in classrooms.


Then usually harmless sources of exposure, such as texting on a phone in a busy location, add together as if they were from a single source,

creating long hours of problematic exposure.


 Closely spaced exposure from different activities all add together because your brain cannot separate the different sources

with just movement and position in far peripheral vision.


Taylor has less opportunity for this collective exposure.


Taylor's outdoor activities, hiking, water activities, sight seeing, and visiting museums provide rest from exposure breaking the cumulative effect of Subliminal Distraction, preventing her having a serious episode.    


But even at the level of exposure she has, losing concentration while driving for instance, could be trouble.   





Both Demi and Selena have cancelled tours; I believe because they had Subliminal Distraction incidents.  Taylor could be next.




Other Hollywood personalities have experienced depressive episodes, and have been told it was mental illness. 


Catherine Zeta-Jones, Britney Spears, Jim Carrey, Carrie Fisher, Ashley Judd, Bruce Springsteen and a long list have revealed they have depressive episodes. 












Shania Twain






In this picture Shania is NOT HAVING EXPOSURE  but this is a computer set up that has caused exposure for others.    If two computers, or a twin screen video game playing set up like this are used,     while concentrating to use one screen,     movement in the other screen can be subliminally detected to cause Subliminal Distraction.


In fact, I did not encounter any reference Shania has made that she has symptoms today.   There are articles on line that relate deep depression and a panic attack that she connects to the end of her first marriage.    Chills, without a medical complaint, so severe that she wore a coat over her PJ's to sleep are in one account. Another says she lost the ability to sing at a volume sufficient to perform.   Physical and psychosomatic symptoms are outcomes of Subliminal Distraction.   Skin sensations like ants crawling are related in Culture Bound Syndromes and recent incidents that have the "special circumstances of Subliminal Distraction.  


The picture is used because it is an example of activities artists would have as part of their work that, with a mistake in design, cause exposure.    Because exposure happens in the brain below thought, reason, and consciousness, it cannot be consciously experienced. It is UNDETECTABLE.



Examples of the factors to block exposure are a pair of glasses where the temple arms are wide enough to block peripheral vision.





Positioning of the microphone and it's round opaque puff screen would be large enough to block peripheral vision.





In the sound studio situation there is likely only stationary recording control data on both computer screens.   Stationary text or recording controls would not provide detectable movement if the changes in the image on the screens are too small to be detected.








Duncan Allen, a college student in South Africa, had this home computer set up.  He vanished after picking up his car from repair, and was found a suicide, clutching his bible, reclined in the front seat, with a hose from the exhaust to the passenger compartment used to commit suicide. There had been no warning and no hint of depression.


The same potential exposure situation is created if  laptop is used sitting on a bed, with a large mirror in peripheral vision. Pekka-Eric Auvinen put his bedroom computer on a desk between his bed and a closet door mirror.  He killed eight then committed suicide on the scene at a culinary school in Jokela, Finland.   The Finnish National Police published a picture.  It is on the Home Computer Locations page, Here.











Stevie Ray Vaughan 


Before his death in a helicopter crash Stevie Ray Vaughan gave an interview posted on YouTube explaining what he experienced when he had a mental break on a tour bus in Germany. He said there was intense fear, so that he was afraid to be awake. He began to cry when he attempted to speak with a band member, Sent back to the United States he completely recovered.   Those experiences of fear, unexplained crying, and a full recovery say  Subliminal Distraction 



In this video he relates the incident at time mark,   3:40 to 6:00.  Although Vaughan believed it was caused by drug and alcohol use, he is describing a Subliminal Distraction panic attack depressive episode.







Britney Spears--- under construction








Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys reveals he has heard voices for 30 years without additional recognized symptoms of mental illness.  He blames the use of hallucinatory mushrooms about a week before the voices began.    But in a magazine interview, on-line, he revealed that sometimes in the morning he has episodes of fear  that resolve with no treatment.   Episodes of fear say Subliminal Distraction.





I can prove that creating the "special circumstances" for the "mental break causing design mistake" engineers found will create depression in a very few days of exposure.   


Replicating the workstation situation for hours of deep mental investment with a source of repeating detectable movement in peripheral vision will cause enough Subliminal Distraction exposure to experience the subtle onset of changed thoughts with depressive ideation.


My experiment is not on this site, too dangerous.   


Warning: Do not guess about the experiment, and attempt your own version.    Several things will cause the experiment to fail or other mistakes in exposure rates and timing will cause a severe episode.


Experiment Warning










Jep Robertson



Conditions for Subliminal Distraction have produced seizures in the Mahjong Epilepsy incident in Hong Kong, and the LeRoy High School incident in Leroy, New York.   On the Shell Shock page, too close conditions in trench warfare produced seizures, tics,  and a variety of psychiatric symptoms.  If you have not seen these bizarre behaviors see the YouTube video  Here


On GMA Tuesday Oct 29,  Jep said he did not remember what happened when he awoke in the hospital. GMA voice over said doctors did not find a neurological  or disease cause although they speculated meningitis.   But that disease would have physical symptoms to direct such a diagnosis.   None was revealed in the TV news story.


Jep said he had begun to mispronounce words for a few days,  a short time before the seizure.    He said he thought he would die.  That experience sounds like a panic attack.   It is my experience that a panic attack can be one outcome of Subliminal Distraction exposure.   It happened to me when I located the home computer at the end of a room divider so my wife and two children walked from the kitchen to den back and forth, beside me.    Subliminal Distraction severe episodes can produce a short period of coma.



Subliminal Distraction should have been eliminated first before attempting other treatments.


It is never investigated because doctors are unaware engineers ever discovered the "mental break causing design mistake."


If Jep has an activity to cause Subliminal Distraction and returns to it, the seizure or other psychiatric symptoms can happen again.



Preventing Subliminal Distraction is simple and free.   It can be discovered by examining the places full mental investment is engaged for significant time periods. This is not a problem  caused by a single exposure incident. The exposure must happen over time. That means if you create the "special circumstances" to create the "mental break causing design mistake" the activity and place will stand out once you understand how to find places of exposure.  Examples of home computer locations, Here.


Long hours using computers or other view-screen devices with detectable movement will cause Subliminal Distraction.  This project does not have the resources to determine why one episode appears to be a seizure and another a mental break.












Glenn Beck Mystery Illness



Subliminal Distraction, unrealized, has created bizarre symptoms that baffle doctors for years. In Glenn Beck's case there is little information to make an evaluation. I have written his show producer several times on a different issue but did not know Beck had symptoms that might be Subliminal Distraction.


When accidental exposure stops the symptoms stop making a treating doctor believe their diagnosis and treatment for that diagnosed malady  was correct and effective.   When the symptoms begin again after the exposure begins again, the doctor does not know what to do.  


Beck, in  a short interview segment on Fox News relates what happens to him in the afternoon and several attempts that have been made with medications and even a  change climate to alleviate symptoms. 


Nothing has worked.     Do you know of, or have you ever heard of something that causes your hands and body to shake in the afternoon but subsides for the next day working.  


There is only one thing that will do that.


Fear to the point of trembling is one of the outcomes of QiGong and Kundaini Yoga mental breaks  The two exercises use eyes-open meditation while performing slow motion unison martial arts movements or unison moving Yoga Poses with a small group of people. 


Beck may not consciously experience fear but his description of going into a fetal  position is a fear behavior.


Ticks, trembling, an seizure behaviors appear in activities that have Subliminal Distraction conditions.   The one you would remember is he case from LeRoy High School. in LeRoy, New York. 


Beck would have to read newspapers, printed literature, or view TV Monitors to investigate news stories.  He then would use a computer or tablet to write the script notes for his show.  Both the researh and writing qualify for full mental investment the first element for Subliminal Distraction .



If his radio show company is unaware of Subliminal Distraction, and failed to provide effective peripheral vision blocking protection,  he could be experiencing chronic Subliminal Distraction exposure symptoms.


Beck and his show producers are the only people who have the information to investigate confirm, or eliminate this.











Zayn Malik


Zayn has cancelled tour dates within 90 minutes of performing citing severe anxiety.  Anxiety is one outcome which can be proved to be an outcome of Subliminal Distraction.




Example of video game play with movement in peripheal vision.

In this undated picture you can see someone is close by in his peripheral vision while he plays a video game.


Gossip sites say his favorite is Halo.



This does not tell us how much Subliminal Distraction he is creating.



Intstagram posted pictures show him using a video or sound editing suite with what appears to be a large monitor in his left peripheral vision. The still photo does not show if the monitor is a moving image to create threat movement.







In this next picture there are two people playing video games while creating movement in peripheral vision for each other.






Two people playing video games together.

The page did not identify each player.


There does not appear to be a beard growth, or shadow for either player.


The image is undated.



It was retrieved from a gossip site on a page about Malik.



The fact that Malik is having such serious anxiety issues that he cancels tour dates with only minutes notice says Subliminal Distraction.  Fans would already be beginning to arrive when he cancelled.








Video Game play Zayn Malik



From a slightly different point of view this may be the same video game playing session as above.


Still, people are shown in the room, but the angle prevents determining if they are sitting in peripheral vision.  


Anytime one of them moves it will cause a subliminal, failed, undetectable, failed attempt to startle.


That is Subliminal Distraction  








Work areas without peripheral vision blocking protection



This picture was reported as Zane developing pictures.  


That is done in a dark room so they are apparently converting pictures to digital by taking a photo of them.


Otherwise the room is posed for publicity and not an actual activity.


The lighting would allow Subliminal Distraction as each person concentrates to work while the other moves.



Subliminal Distraction  is cumulative.  The brain cannot separate different sources of movement or places of exposure.


As in other personality pictures a single session of exposure is not enough to create disabling anxiety.  It is the repeating exposure over days that builds to psychiatric symptoms.






Zayn uses composing suite with monitor in peripheral vision.



This appears to be an audio mixing suite.  Why is there a monitor in the upper left corner?  If there is a moving image while the suite is being used it is enough to cause Subliminal Distraction.



One reason for a monitor in front of the mixing deck is that it is an audio composite room for adding audio to film, or video.




















Lena Dunham




Lena has said she has severe depressive episodes.   This would be linked to Subliminal Distraction from her creating  exposure situations as a  writer. There are few pictures of her working conditions.  But there are pictures of computer use on her show Girls.

The exception is from a chat she held with fans.   Two pictures show her using her computer in the room with no precaution for peripheral vision blocking protection.




Lena during chat session/



Lena is sitting at a table with staff and support surrounding her while she chats on-line.



There were no pictures showing enough of the room to confirm Lena has the behaviors to allow Subliminal Distraction.


But she has spoken about severe depressive episodes.
























Lena during an on-line chat with fans.



The coffee carafes to the left in this picture show this is not protected workspace.






There are several examples from her show Girls, but remember they are posed for the scene.    Lena is not concentrating to use her computer in any of them.




Kitchen computer use.

 While this situation is one that would cause Subliminal Distraction in real life, nothing is happening here in a TV show scene.





There is a picture showing kitchen computer use from the suicide outbreak at France Telecom.  It is labeled 'France Telecom worker at home'  on the workplace suicides page, here.
















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