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Shell Shock, in  WWI was caused by Subliminal Distraction from the circumstances of Trench Warfare.

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Five videos on this page from a 1917 silent film show bizarre 'Shell Shock" behaviors cured by suggestion in 30 minutes.

Long hours living in too-small arrangements and standing in trenches put soldiers in close proximity in each other's peripheral vision.

Those conditions are the "special circumstances" to allow Subliminal Distraction exposure. 

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You will not be able to follow the presentation unless you understand Subliminal Distraction.

While the bizarre behaviors of Shell Shock have not appeared in the military since WWI,

 it does appear from time to time as Mahjong epilepsy in Hong Kong,

or Tourette's like symptoms in  LeRoy High School, LeRoy, New York.


Why are these behaviors Subliminal Distraction?

There is no other feature of human physiology that can cause this type episode.      Although unknown in mental heath services, engineers and designers have dealt with the problem for fifty years.   Herman Miller, Steelcase, Knoll, and Haworth have sold cubicles and designed open plan offices using "Systems Furniture" to prevent what they see and understand is only a harmless temporary episode of psychotic-like confusion since 1968.

The episode arises from the long-term suppression of the vision startle reflex in a location where there is repeating detectable movement nearby in peripheral vision.

This causes a massive number of subliminal failed attempts to execute the consciously blocked vision startle reflex.

When the subject's brain accepts the subliminal appreciation of threat, caused by the triggering signal path through the brain, as a reward subliminal operant conditioning happens.    Thoughts such as the desire to be thin, Anorexia, or actions such as those of OCD are reinforced.

In nine years sending emails and letters I found a single psychiatrist from Tufts, University, who said he had seen the episodes from offices when he was in residency.  He and everyone else aware of the problem believe it can only happen in offices and produce only the believed-harmless episode of psychotic-like confusion.

Three volunteers searching separately found no studies or papers about Subliminal Distraction in the APA database.




Living arrangements crowded men into tiny spaces.  With enough light they could easily detect threat-movement near them in peripheral vision.





It would not matter what they did to enter a state of full mental investment. Here it is reading a newspaper.



Each person's threshold is different as are the activities and personal behavior  to cause exposure.


In this picture daydreaming is enough to allow Subliminal Distraction.


Of course a very few would accumulate enough exposure for psychiatric symptoms.








But crowded living arrangements have been used for soldiers for centuries.



This picture is of the 14th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles at  Randalstown Camp in County Antrim, Ireland  in 1915.

They later moved to England and then to France.

Imagine someone cleaning a rifle, folding clothing, or polishing boots at one end of this room when the door is opened and another soldier enters the room. Because of the change in light through the opening door, that movement would be detected the length of the room.






It is not enough to live in cramped quarters.  Someone must enter a state of full mental investment while there is repeating detectable movement nearby in peripheral vision to have Subliminal Distraction exposure.


But all someone had to do was read or write while others walked in peripheral vision.

Playing table top games such as card games would engage the same level of mental investment.

Because our brain deals with the vision startle reflex below thought, reason, and consciousness, subliminally, exposure is undetectable. It cannot be consciously experienced.


Subliminal Distraction is cumulative because once you ignore movement in peripheral vision for one object that ignores all movement in peripheral vision no matter what moved.



This quality of Subliminal Distraction, to multiply exposure through accumulate exposure from different movement in peripheral vision is explained on the site entry pages.  Start that explanation Here.    The last page in that explanation is "Spontaneous Remissions."


As you watch these videos you will find the behaviors bizarre beyond words for description.

Watch for the examples of treatment, tossing the soldier's head around while telling him it is treatment. That's suggestion. Some behaviors could be remediated in 30 minutes, others took longer.


Subliminal Distraction was not discovered to cause mental events until 1964. The cubicle was designed to block peripheral vision to stop it in offices by 1968. But it is a problem of human physiology not offices. Shell Shock is just one of many times it appeared and psychosocial explanations were given for it.

At the time the behaviors were believed to be caused by concussions from shell explosions while troops were in the trenches or protective bunkers.

Why were the behaviors different and why was there such wide variation?

Differences in timing or spacing of Subliminal Distraction exposure, lengths of exposure sessions, coupled with slight differences in brain configuration, working  in each mind, which had different experiences and different concerns,  is the only explanation that seems reasonable. Slight differences in brain configuration would be the reason we each have different personalities, learn at different rates, and the reason for differences in IQ.


What happens in the brain so that a massive number of subliminal failed attempts to startle causes a Subliminal Distraction episode?   I don't know because I have been unable to find someone in neurology or brain science to explain willing to explain it.

My guess is that it happens when you create the "special circumstances" so the blocked startle reflex is attempted many times in a compact time frame, your brain finds the normally ignored trigger signal for the vision startle reflex, movement and position information only, on the optic nerve, then attempts to construct an image without color and shape information.    That can't be done.    But as repeated attempts are made different trial paths are created in the brain.   When there are enough of the false paths you have a period psychosis and then of coma.  When you awake the false paths have dissolved from disuse, forgotten, and you return to normal with no after effects.  In computer geek terms  your brain "returns to default"

But if the stimulus from exposure is low-level long-term so the full mental break and coma do not happen, the alternate paths are strengthened from repeated trials. You lose the ability to think critically and begin to hallucinate, and hear voices. Hearing voices was one of the first symptoms my wife had in 2002, after her office was changed eliminating Cubicle Level Protection. (Pictures and hospital records.)

Again a guess, this process eventually crosses boundaries or makes connections to cause dreaming while subjects are awake. That would explain hallucinations and hearing voices.

This problem can be viewed as a conflict in the physiology of sight and subliminal operant conditioning.

That conflict is while most can successfully ignore movement in peripheral vision we can't stop seeing anything in our vision field. When  you concentrate to work or even daydream you still subliminal hear and see every thing happening around you. If stimulus, vibrations in the air or electromagnetic stimulus reaches your ears and eyes, neural impulses go to your brain over their normal channels. Acoustic subliminal distraction does not cause psychiatric symptoms.

If you can perform my demonstration of subliminal sight and habituation in peripheral vision you can have Subliminal Distraction exposure. There are people who cannot learn to ignore movement in peripheral vision. They can't perform the demo and are immune from Subliminal Distraction.

Note that in the case of facial tics the behavior disappeared with hypnosis and returned when the soldier awoke. 

What determined which soldiers were effected?   Two things. One is random chance of being in a position for exposure and potentially an inherited susceptibility or sensitivity for Subliminal Distraction.

When you learn to ignore specific movement in peripheral vision, you will ignore all detectable movement in peripheral vision. This makes exposure cumulative. Your brain cannot separate different sources because far peripheral vision only has movement and position information but not shape or color.

Dr. Miller, at the University of Georgia, performed FMRI scans on schizophrenics and their close blood relatives who had no symptoms.   He found a commonality of hyperactivity of the M-Channel for vision in the brain. Dr. Miller did not respond to a letter with questions about his discovery.

This would suggest that it's a susceptibility for Subliminal Distraction that runs in families not mental illness

So what does the massive number of failed attempts to startle do?

Up to the point of determining how each person's brain understands the stimulus, the internal brain path to execute the vision startle reflex, and experience are the same for everyone.

To create the surprise and sudden fear to cause someone to startle the signal stimulates parts of your brain that holds memories of fearful events.

The subliminal effect is to produce fear, panic, paranoia, depression, and thoughts of suicide.  That subliminal perception begins to color thought and reason.

When your mind understands that sudden intense appreciation of threat from the failed attempt to startle as a reward subliminal operant conditioning happens.

In Anorexia the Subliminal Distraction victim's concern would be body image. The concern to be thin or the concept that thin  is the only acceptable body configuration is raised to pathological levels.

Hypothetically Anorexia behaviors could be installed by hypnosis. But the effect from a single hypnotic session would eventually dissipate. Subliminal Distraction stimulus happens every time someone creates the "special circumstances" of concentration while there is detectable movement in peripheral vision. In Subliminal Distraction your brain is causing it's own "unguided hypnosis session" over and over again.

It would take intensive deep interviews to find why each behavior of these soldiers happened. But they are all gone. So is everyone who would have participated in hospital treatments, doctors.