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Current Missing College Students

This list is compiled from Google alerts for "Student Disappearance" and "Missing Student."

If you set  your own Google alert, keep the wording simple, and short.

You will find cases from around the world.

A very few of them will have enough information to show they are a Subliminal Distraction episode.


Of course some of them will be found to have been crime or accident victims.

A large number are found disappearance suicides, often with no warning or history of depression.

A small number are never found.

Brian Shaffer, Maura Murray, Michael  Negrete, Justin Gains are examples.

A very long list of disappearances, disappearance suicides,

and unresolved cases, some more than 100 years old, is here.


A very small number recover, and return in altered mental states.

That last group holds the clue for what is happening.


Ishrak Ahmed

Ishrak Ahmed

A 20 year old McGill student in Canada, he vanished while out with friends on vacation back at home in Bangladesh.  

A report in the Dhaka Tribune says he started walking toward home, turned around and went back to Star Kabab.  He then walked into a camera blind spot, and did not return.  That location was minutes away from his residence.

At home since June, he vanished August 26.


That time period, two months, is too long for a problem with his study area at school to have caused a Subliminal Distraction episode.

But he might have created an activity such as video game play to create exposure there.

Majid Nahes Al Otaibi

He is known to have boarded a flight from Nashville to Chicago.

Al Otaibi

West Kentucky University electrical engineering student Al Otaibi should have boarded a flight in Chicago to Abu Dhabi August 19.


He vanished. He did not board any plane from O’Hare Airport.








Sadekul Islam Milon 

Found along a road after missing two months.



Jagannath University student Sadekul Islam Milon was found with missing memory about what happened to him.

Although denied by authorities the claim is that he was picked up from his home by police.

Classmates are making statements about his condition and lack of memory.

His missing memory is one factor to suggest he is a Subliminal Distraction victim.

The story about abduction may be a confabulation.

There is no report of anyone seeing him dropped blindfolded along the road.







Rupjyoti Das

Information Technology major, Assam University,  he vanished May 16, 2017.

Did you know him?

Can you supply information about where and how he studied,

and used his computer?


Rupjyoti Das missing since My 16,2017.Although several sites carried the story there is little information about the disappearance.

He lived in a rented house. His possessions, ATM card, laptop, cell, and money were locked inside.

The last report was that he was having a drink at a shop near his house in Silchar.

His last exam was on May 16, and his plans were to return home on May 22.

When his parents arrived to take him home they were unable to get into the house. 

If he is a Subliminal Distraction fugue victim he could be anywhere he could travel without papers. 

There are cases of these missing students being recovered when they tried to cross country borders without a passport.




A Subliminal Distraction episode is caused by a little known still-believed-harmless

mental break design engineers discovered in business offices in 1964.


They typically happen during or just after a period of intense study

when incorrectly designed study, and computer use areas have the most use.


If this is the case, the study area, with something  that caused detectable movement

in peripheral vision, is still there in the living quarters.

Examples of home computer use areas are here.

Other cases are in a long list, here.



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Manjunath Siddanna Churi

Computer engineering grad disappears in Germany.


Manjunath Siddanna Churi

Although he left a note it is written in Indian language. Police have not translated it.

He graduated from Basaveshwara College of Engineering in Bagalkot, then went to Germany for his Masters degree in Software.

He called his mother twice each day from Germany but last talked to her Saturday, June 18.

She received a call from the Hamburg Indian embassy 10 pm Monday informing her of his  disappearance.







David Thompson

Has been found in Mexico.




WDTV  Morgantown

Twenty three year old West Virginia University student

Missing since May 5, his mother cites trouble with depression

He was driving a four-door, dark gray, 2012 Honda Civic  California tag 6TBB524.

The flyer is from 'Missing Pieces.'

That site reports his phone has been found in another county.










Louis Gonick

UBC student got out of a cab at Stanley Park Sunday, April 16 and vanished.

Facebook Let's Find Louis


Louis Gonick

The story that he simply got out of a cab and vanished suggests this is a Subliminal Distraction fugue episode.

I left a message on his Facebook page seeking contact with his friends.

The last post on the "Find Louis" site is dated May 6, at 21 days missing.  

The last post on his personal Facebook page is dated April 13th.

He is an Ecudorian exchange student. Active in several Internet causes he would have been a heavy computer user.

The emergency turn off where he had the cab drop him is near the Lion's Gate Bridge.

One of the expressed concerns in news accounts is that he walked onto the bridge and jumped.





Michael Doherty

One week home from Duke, 20 year old junior mechanical engineering major,  took a path through a wooded area 

while walking about one mile home in the rain from a late-night  party Saturday on Phyllis Street in Franklin.

His body has been found. The coroner stated he died of exposure.

He had abandoned his shoes, and shirt.

A Subliminal Distraction episode sometimes causes sensations of insects crawling on the skin.

Discarding clothing in inappropriate temperature conditions is often seen.

But without evidence that he created the "mental break causing design mistake" where he studied

nothing can be concluded.

Micharl Goherty




Friends said he appeared sober and coherent when he left walking. But he may have been drinking at the private party.


Searchers found his shirt, and one shoe, then found his other shoe beside a brook.


Scent dogs followed his trail through the woods to the end of Oak Street Extension in Franklin

News reports are that a body was found Saturday May 20.  No other information is available.







Aalaap Narasipura


Cornell Univerversity engineering student Narasipura was last seen in Sage Hall on Cornell’s campus Wednesday morning.

Aalaap Naraipura

His body was found  in Fall Creek Friday morning.

Police statements do not suspect foul play.


This is the fourth student disappearance reported in my Google alerts this month






Sandeep Vishwakarma



Sandeep Vishwakama

Third year Computer Science major at the Rayeshwar Institute of Engineering and Information Technology at Shiroda, he left home Saturday going to an exam.

He did not show up for the exam.

When he did not return home his parents filed a police report.

His belongings, shoulder bag, ID card, "Hall Ticket," and "mobile phone" were found abandoned on the Borim Bridge.

Ponda Police suspect he jumped from the bridge.

"PSI Nitin Halarnkar js investigating."

The report is from the Navhind Times web site.

Claimed 56,000 daily circulation English language newspaper in Goa since 1963.

The Goan, and Digital Goa (Panaji based media house) also carried the story.



Hannah Webster




Essex University Finance & Banking major she was found dead in woodland near a cycle path in Colchester.

She vanished Thursday May 11th.

Police found her body at 2.10pm  Friday May 12th.

Police stated the death is not suspicious.

That leaves accident or suicide.

She was off the bike path in the woods.






Dakota James

Disappeared in January


Dakota James Textiing

James vanished while walking home over a familiar path he had taken many times before.

His family has disputed the coroner's evaluation that he died by accidental drowning.

There are other cases where the student vanished while crossing a bridge,

although there had been no history of depression, or mental illness. 

In several cases the student is known, or seen on video to have been alone.

In this case James can be seen on video texting on his phone, walking alone.

His body was found down stream by a woman walking her dog.

If he was able to text while walking he could not have been intoxicated enough to accidentally get in the river.


Although it has been 4 months friends, or roommates could supply information about his study or computer use habits.

Cited as Gay, he might have associates who were in his rooms to tell where his computer was located.





Noor "Nora" Alzaybak

High school freshman

The latest report on Monday May 29th  is that she has been found and will travel back to Alabama.

She came home on Thursday afternoon, but vanished few hours later.

The information that would qualify this disappearance as a Subliminal Distraction episode is missing.

Noor "Nora" Alzaybak

 "She came to my room and took her glasses," Sharazad Alzaybak said at Sunday's press conference.

"She seemed normal. Like 15 minutes later, my husband came home, and she's missing."

One report states her phone is going to voice mail.

Early reports do not mention any distress as the cause of her disappearance.

That sudden disappearance is the only clue that might qualify this case as a Subliminal Distraction disappearance.

Sometimes parents withhold information because of embarrassment, or fear of group disparagement.

The first thought would normally be that someone picked her up by her arrangement.