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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Mental events on Russian and NASA missions have never been explained.


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Hand out pictures from the Space Station illustrate conditions for Subliminal Distraction.

There have been mental breaks on space missions and also on scientific expeditions for over 100 years.

To understand a simple problem we all have that caused these events,

begin with the first explanation page Subliminal Distraction.

Other explanation pages are linked and include:


2) Mental Break Discovery 1964   3) Why they happen    4) Drugs   5) Spontaneous Remission


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The College Suicides page has the explanation for Subliminal Distraction caused suicides.


Perform my demonstration of subliminal sight and habituation in peripheral vision here.


You will witness movement in peripheral vision vanish, pop out of sight, while you observe it in peripheral vision.

This is how exposure begins subliminally and is thus UNDETECTABLE.


The problem on this site is explained as a visual subliminal distraction in first semester psychology lectures

on peripheral vision reflexes.

The design problem takes the same name, Subliminal Distraction.


It is unknown in mental health services.


The tiny number of engineers aware of it see only the believed-harmless light episode from offices.


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Subliminal Distraction and the Space Station


        NASA press release photos show visual Subliminal Distraction exposure see VisionAndPsychosis.Net. .

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Unaware of a 1960's accidental discovery of mental breaks in business offices,  NASA does not offer any level of protection from Subliminal Distraction exposure.

There have been mental events on scientific expeditions for over a hundred years. Admiral Byrd took one casket but 12 straight-jackets on his expeditions.

Soviet space missions have been shortened because of "psychological problems"  including a full psychotic break on Soyuz-21.

The entire crew on the Belgian Polar Expedition, 1898, began to go insane when the ship was trapped in pack ice for thirteen months.

All but one man recovered when they worked outside to chop the ship out of the ice. That's Subliminal Distraction exposure.






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This site is about a conflict of human physiology that shaped history but was undetected  until the 1960's.

In the entire history of man on the planet Earth this phenomenon was discovered only once.

It caused mental breaks for office workers.


You will find this material hard to believe.

This phenomenon is explained in first semester psychology lectures where students don't believe it either.


For that reason I wrote a demonstration that will allow you to experience the phenomenon.

The Everquest Connection page has the explanation and assumes you have not taken basic psychology.


The solution for this problem was the office Cubicle.

This site argues that the this phenomenon causes College Suicides and Missing Students.

The phenomenon causes mental events around the world, Chaco Canyon.

If you use computers in unprotected workspace such as homes, dorms, student apartments, and small business offices read  ...Prevention... at the bottom of most pages.

Long  term exposure can cause severely altered mental states. Qi Gong  Kundalini Yoga

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The International Space Station





Unaware of the accidental discovery of a conflict of physiology,                                     

                                                  NASA does not provide Cubicle Level Protection aboard the space station.





Humans see by reflected light so that low light levels on the Space Station prevent most Subliminal Distraction exposure.


Current Breaking News, Feb 6, 2007 An astronaut has been arrested on assault charges stemming from a 900 mile drive to confront a coworker about a relationship with a shuttle pilot associate.


The story is at the bottom of this page. 


On the Astronauts & Insanity page there are links to accounts of mental breaks and fist fights over chess games on space missions.

NASA counsels crews about the psychology involved in long term isolation.

That will not help if the crews are exposed to Subliminal Distraction.



We all have exposure from Subliminal Distraction every day. Most of it is harmless.

The problem arises when the "special circumstance" for exposure are accidentally created.

Massive exposure in a short time frame is then possible.

When a threshold of exposure is reached in a compact time frame a mental break happens.

The mental break aboard Soyuz 21 happened day forty-nine of a sixty day mission.



The human mind can only concentrate on one thing at a time if full mental investment is involved.

A small slice of your vision field functions subliminally to detect thereat-movement while you are concentrating, dissociating slightly, even daydreaming.

During those periods of full mental investment  you "zone out" every thing happening around you.


You can learn to consciously ignore detected movement in peripheral vision, and the startle will stop, but you can't stop "subliminally seeing" it. There are no off switches for the sensor cells on the rods and cones of your retina.

You can't prevent your brain attempting to subliminally react to the detected movement.


The detection of threat-movement and your brain's attempted reaction is a Subliminal Distraction.


The constant subliminal appreciation of threat eventually colors thought and reason creating "paranoia, fear, depression and thoughts of suicide."


When someone moves close beside you does it break your concentration with a startle or can you ignore the movement?

If you can't ignore the movement you can't have Subliminal Distraction exposure. Otherwise, only the blind are immune.



Reading text for comprehension requires full mental investment.

ISS007-E-05254 (3 May 2003) --- Cosmonaut Yuri I. Malenchenko, Expedition Seven mission commander, looks over procedures checklists in the Zvezda Service Module on the International Space Station (ISS). Malenchenko represents Rosaviakosmos



You can see from the low light background and shadows cast by flash photography that detecting movement in peripheral vision on the Space Station is limited.



But just due to random chance we will eventually have a serious mental break caused by Subliminal Distraction exposure and there will be a disastrous outcome.












The phenomenon, Subliminal Distraction,  was discovered when knowledge workers using newly designed workstations began having mental breaks. Beginning in 1968, the Cubicle became the industry standard to prevent those mental breaks. Cubicles are designed to block side or peripheral vision for a concentrating worker.


The problem is with our physiology, developed in hunter gathers and pre-human ancestors. A small section of your vision field functions subliminally to detect movement approaching, usually from behind. 






In this picture note the laptop computers in several locations. The act of using a computer, reading the screen for comprehension, engages light dissociation. Only movement in peripheral vision toward the astronaut would be evaluated as threat movement. The area directly behind a worker is a safe zone.

ISS007-E-05242 (3 May 2003) --- Astronauts Kenneth D. Bowersox (left) and Donald R. Pettit, Expedition Six mission commander and NASA ISS science officer, respectively, are pictured in the Destiny laboratory on the International Space Station (ISS).




















It is not necessary that the activity be reading or performing complex engineering calculations. Any activity that requires complete mental investment will supply enough dissociation to allow exposure. If the crewmember at the left edge of the picture below moves his or her feet, and that movement is detected, the working crewmember's brain will attempt a peripheral vision reflex.


Understand, it is not just that there is movement in peripheral vision. Your brain must detect that movement and evaluate it as a threat.

STS108-E-5413 (12 December 2001) --- Cosmonaut Yuri I. Onufrienko, Expedition Four mission commander, works in the Destiny laboratory on the International Space Station (ISS). The image was taken with a digital still camera.




















In space orientation does not matter. Here on Earth office workers are exposed when someone walks close beside a worker at an unprotected desk.

Think of the Destiny Laboratory as a three dimensional office cubicle but without the protective design features to prevent exposure to Subliminal Distraction.

ISS003-E-5165 (17 August 2001) --- Astronauts Frederick W. (Rick) Sturckow (left), STS-105 pilot, Daniel T. Barry and Patrick G. Forrester, both mission specialists, work on various tasks in the Destiny laboratory on the International Space Station (ISS). This image was taken with a digital still camera.
















Activities such as this would not cause exposure. The astronauts being exposed must engage dissociation of things happening around them. That isn't the case here.

ISS003-E-5198 (19 August 2001) --- Cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin (left), Expedition Three flight engineer representing Rosaviakosmos, and astronaut James S. Voss, Expedition Two flight engineer, perform maintenance in the Zvezda Service Module on the International Space Station (ISS). This image was taken with a digital still camera.
















But these next pictures would cause exposure if movement in peripheral vision is detected and evaluated as threat movement.


Movement of 'hands only' would be difficult to detect. Entire body movements would be required to cause exposure.

You could say that large vigorous movements near the worker certainly cause exposure.

Think of the last time you were startled when someone stepped up beside you from behind.

ISS003-E-5352 (18 August 2001) --- Astronaut Frank L. Culbertson, Jr. (bottom), Expedition Three commander, and cosmonaut Vladimir N. Dezhurov, flight engineer representing Rosaviakosmos, perform routine tasks in the Destiny laboratory on the International Space Station (ISS). This image was taken with a digital still camera.
















In this example the distance to the movement and the light available near the airlock hampers detection.

Humans see by reflected light and sufficient light is required.

ISS006-E-05004 (28 November 2002) --- Astronaut Paul S. Lockhart (left), STS-113 pilot, looks over a procedures checklist as astronaut Donald R. Pettit, Expedition Six NASA ISS science officer, floats into the Quest Airlock on the International Space Station (ISS).
































Even though these crewmembers are in close proximity they are essentially behind each other. Exposure would happen only if one moved backward until the other could detect that movement in far peripheral vision, Subliminal Peripheral Vision.

ISS003-E-5607 (17 September 2001) --- Cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin (left) reads a monitor while cosmonaut Vladimir Dezhurov works at the Simvol-Ts workstation in the Zvezda Service Module. Tyurin and Dezhurov are Expedition Three flight engineers and represent Rosaviakosmos.















This page has been assembled using in-flight press handout photos from NASA.



"NASA still images, audio files and video generally are not copyrighted. You may use NASA imagery, video and audio material for educational or informational purposes, including photo collections, textbooks, public exhibits and Internet Web pages. This general permission extends to personal Web pages."

Quotation page


Use of NASA Photos

Manned Space Flight Index Page




Captain Nowak



Navy Capt. Lisa Marie Nowak

Captain Nowak drove 900 miles from Houston to Orlando to intercept Colleen Shipman's meeting with Navy Commander Bill Oefelein. Nowak succeeded in only spraying pepper spray through a small opening in Shipman's car window. Nowak used her astronaut training when she included disposable diapers to reduce stops along the way. Nowak, a graduate of the Naval Academy with a Master's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering, is married with three children.

She only admitted an attempt to scare Shipman. But the contents of her car, a new steel mallet, a knife, and plastic garbage bags, indicate she may have more serious ambitions. She was seen  throwing away a wig and CO2 powered pellet gun.

Exposure to Subliminal Distraction in training and missions would have increased her paranoia about the relationship with Oefelein.

What might happen it this episode or one similar to it had played out on a mission?

This is not the first event that happened to an astronaut or cosmonaut. There was a psychotic mental break on Soyuz-21. Unaware of Subliminal Distraction the Russian space agency gave twelve possible causes including toxic gases. Mental breaks have happened on scientific expeditions for over a hundred years. Unsuitable people or mass hysteria are usually blamed. There is a developing field of study called the 'psychology of isolation.' Putting two or more people in too-small single-room arrangements supplies the "special conditions" for exposure from SD. Isolation has little to do with it.

February 6,2007 Nowak has been charged with attempted kidnapping, attempted vehicle burglary with battery and destruction of evidence and battery charges.1:28 p.m. ET, 2/6/07 Redd Huber / AP  appeared on MSN

MSN story and photos, short availability 02/06/07.,2933,250415,00.html






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Prevention:  This  section is now repeated at the bottom of most pages.

The rare occurrence of the injury establishes that is difficult to create enough exposure to cause an injury. But when it does happen the consequences are serious, possibly fatal.

 Our personal experience was intermittent human traffic during eight-hour workdays for thirty calendar days.

If you have a tower CPU mount it under your desk. That's the way they position it in a cubicle. The hard drive busy light is about the height of your low peripheral vision if you put the tower on the desk. Desktop reading of text or writing notes beside the keyboard on the side of the monitor away from the tower makes the blinking hard drive busy light appear to approach from behind when you turn to view the screen again.

If you have a computer work station/desk in which you turn ninety degrees to write or do other non computer work, turn off the monitor when you turn aside. Remove screen savers in this instance. The movement, animation for example, in your screensaver, two-dimensional movement, might well be detected by your peripheral vision at close range. Alternately cover the monitor screen.

All home, apartment, or dorm computer workstations are in unprotected workspace. To change that put the computer in a quiet room with no possible movement. If that is not possible in a dorm or apartment position the computer so that your peripheral vision can see only stationary walls as you use the computer in a busy room. In Cubicles and 'Systems Furniture' these protective features are achieved with peripheral vision blocking panels and corner seating positions. It is called 'Cubicle Level Protection.'

If you use computer or CD-ROM games for many hours day after day, the game playing position should follow the same rules as the computer workstation. Battery operated games will not run long enough on a single rechargeable battery to cause a risk for SPVP.

Although a laptop does not have a visible blinking light in peripheral vision the same rules apply to your work position.  There should not be human traffic moving to you from behind. There should be nothing behind you, which could enter your subliminal peripheral vision field as you turn your head while working at the laptop and be mistaken for threat movement.

Only movement coming from behind you into your Subliminal Peripheral Vision can cause a peripheral vision reflex. If the movement source approaches you from ahead then enters your Subliminal Peripheral Vision from conscious sight there can be no peripheral vision reflex.


Repeated for Emphasis:

A single session or rare sessions will not cause this problem.

It is the same day after day long hours of play or computer use with detectable movement in �Subliminal Peripheral Vision,� which would form the basis of a risk for SPVP injury.

Exposure can be cumulative 

The brain�s detection system only evaluates movement. There is little recognition of the nature of the object in peripheral vision. If you have several hours exposure from human traffic at the library, while reading at an open table or seated in a reading room chair, followed by long hours watching TV with a critically misplaced ceiling fan sweeping detectable shadows around the room, the combination of those two behaviors might cause the problem. The suggestion is that either activity alone would not consume enough exposure time even if the critical movement is present.

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