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In the last half of the 20th  century there has been an increased rate of violence in the  population. It is especially troubling when it happens in schools and involves children.

The events of Columbine, Pearl Mississippi, and Conyers Georgia stun observers.

But there has been little understanding of why these events happen.

This site is about a conflict of human physiology.

It was discovered, over fifty years ago, to cause dissociative mental breaks for Knowledge workers.

The close spaced side by side seating in almost all class rooms copies the design problem those engineers found.

The introduction of the personal computer allows additional exposure when it is used in a room with repeating detectable movement.

This is a little known, rare, psychiatric injury.

This phenomenon is explained in college psychology lectures under Psychophysics, Physiology of Sight, Subliminal Sight, and Peripheral Vision Reflexes.

Introduction     Please keep in mind the page was written and edited on-line, March 4, 2005.


On Thanksgiving Day 2001 Shawn Woolley's mother discovered he had committed suicide seated at his computer with the opening screen for Everquest on the monitor. There was and is an uproar to control or ban computer games. The violent content is being blamed for the increase in violence by school children.

Although there has been lingering suspicion that unusual college suicides are somehow connected to the parallel invention and increased use of computers no one has been able to make a connection.

The problem, of course, is not the computer or content of games played on it. The problem is a little known conflict of physiology related to the vision startle reflex.

Students and Knowledge workers have similar behaviors. They each sit for hours engaging deep mental investment. To maintain that concentration to work or study, each person must ignore everything happening around them. Anytime a student study area or computer workstation is located in a room with repeating detectable movement, sufficient to cause a peripheral vision reflex, that workstation must have Cubicle Level Protection.

When the level of exposure and the resulting stimulation of the subconscious mind by failed reflexes is not enough to cause the full mental break it can cause other psychiatric symptoms.


This problem causes mental events around the world.

Although rare, because it is a normal feature of physiology, cases should happen around the world.

Inclusion of Culture Bound Syndromes in the Text Revision of  DSM -IV points to the phenomenon at work. (Diagnostic and Statistical  Manual of Mental Illness of the American Psychiatric Association) Psychiatrist writers of the DSM believe these events, syndromes, are  created by stress unique to each culture. They are missing one key piece of information, that the conflict of physiology exists. The conflict was discovered in the 1950's/60's. That means every thing you know about psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and the cause of mental illness was theorized without knowledge of the problem.



In both Qi Gong and Kundalini Yoga there are serious psychiatric symptoms which happen when the exercise is done to excess in groups.

In both the exercise forms  the exercise is performed in groups possibly with an instructor. Eyes-open meditation is attempted in both cases. Each person can "subliminally see," detect, the movement of  persons near them. A dissociative mental event happens when frequent practice exceeds a threshold, different for each person. The life long mental disability may or may not be significant depending on the nature of the altered mental state and installed belief system.


Kundalini Yoga  _ Unknown to most of us this form of Yoga is known to have serious mental outcomes for some who attempt to travel the path to enlightenment. Gurus of this exercise form believe the serious negative  mental outcomes, including hearing voices, thoughts of reference and beliefs that you can communicate and read minds by mental telepathy, are caused by the failure to control the awakening of the coiled serpent that resides in the untapped source of energy at the base of human spines. Others who practice this Yoga form believe these abnormal beliefs are evidence of the enhanced mental state and prove there is a higher plane of existence.  (I do not understand how something like this got by everyone. Do you?)

QiGong Psychotic Reaction  _ For years, both in the United States and China, there have been medical cases and lawsuits claiming serious psychiatric injuries caused by this slow motion martial arts exercise form. The psychiatric injury is listed as a Culture-Bound Syndrome in the DSM, Chinese method of categorizing mental illness.

 How does this connect to Violence in Children?

The phenomenon is Accidental Operant Conditioning.  Although this will sound strange to you, I am not the first person to state a connection for a neurological condition that might be caused by operant conditioning. In about 1880 a New York Neurologist visited northern Maine to investigate strange stories of problems in French Canadian lumberjacks. The problem is listed in some indexes as a Culture Bound Syndrome. Jumping Frenchmen of Maine Syndrome, Latah in Malaysia, Myriachit, Siberia all seem to be connected. All are characterized by hypersuggestibility, echolalia, echopraxis, coprolalia, disorganization, and automatic obedience. They also involve violence at the incidence of a startle event.


This site is the first to cite a physiological cause or method to create operant conditioning.


Mass School Shootings


When you read accounts of school shootings you find that the shooter may not say why they did it but have some of the same factors involved in the shooting. The Heritage School shooter from Conyers Ga. is still in prison with serious psychiatric symptoms. Many of them were heavy computer users. In the Columbine incident bullying was given as one cause. 

Your brain functions as an organic computer. It has little connection to the world outside. The brain depends on signals from nerves to identify stimulus and construct a reality from that stimulus. Elements of sight are handled in several areas, hearing in others and sensations from your skin in still other areas of your brain. Your brain is able to understand and assign meaning to each stimulus because of those associations.

After you ignore the source of threat movement,  the subliminal signals from the attempt to force a peripheral vision reflex are still being created as long as the movement is there. But because they no longer have a connection to consciousness  there is no association consciousness can make for them. When your mind perceives subliminal stimulus as reinforcement for contemporaneous thought or activities, operant conditioning happens.

The common perception of this signal would of being watched or of something behind you. When that is eventually associated with an ongoing event or dispute the stimulation operating as operant conditioning against consciousness eventually causes that event to be raised to psychotic levels. Paranoia is present in many psychiatric conditions but there is little understanding of what causes paranoia.

The child is unaware anything is happening. They experience this as part of their normal day to day activity. Usual disputes in school can be raised to psychotic levels as the mind associates the sensations of warning, fear, to those events.



How do I know this?

I saw it happen in my wife's case. Near the point of the mental break she began to say that others at work were against her. She associated the sensations with mistakes she had made in preparing payroll reports. She eventually thought the University was about to have her arrested because thousands of dollars had been lost because of her mistakes. Normal events in the office were seen as sinister. When I checked with a supervisor the events actually did happen but they had no connection to my wife, Connie.

 Personal Experiences page.

Even though I had known about the problem for forty years it took several weeks to realize what had happened. This is the first time someone has observed a mental break who knew about the conflict of physiology so that a connection could be made.


What should be done?


Simple changes in class rooms and computer labs in schools is a first step.

Informing students and parents that the problem exists is another step.

In the business office the Cubicle was the solution to prevent subliminal detection of threat movement. The classroom will not lend to that solution but staggering rows of seats so that no student sits close beside another should reduce the number of threat movement incidents.

Correct construction of desk top computer workstations in homes and the correct usage of notebook computers should eliminate additional exposure.


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If you have friends or family using computers in unprotected workspace in homes, dorm rooms, student apartments, or small business offices have them read the Prevention section below.