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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Pekka-Eric Auvinen


The Finnish National Police released a picture of Pekka-Eric Auvinen's bedroom computer set up.

They acknowledged receipt of my email explaining what caused eight deaths plus his suicide.

But the police in Finland would not investigate to learn about Subliminal Distraction.

The person responsible was dead, and they closed the case.

The only police department aware of Subliminal Distraction was Atlanta.

When I spoke with a cold case detective about the Mary Shotwell Little disappearance,

he recognized the problem because they had encountered it and had to change their desks for cubicles.



PekaEricAuvenin's computer

When Auvinen's closet door was closed he could subliminally detect his own movement in peripheral vision.

There is no record of how long, or how frequent his computer sessions were.

Killing eight people with little reason is evidence he had some level of derangement.

Note that the printer is on the left.  If he turned toward it he would not consciously see his reflection from the mirror on his right.

That means he was never reminded the mirror was there.  When he habituated knowledge of reflected movement there was no way to reacquire conscious knowledge of it. His Subliminal Distraction exposure was continuous without having to habituate knowledge of it more than the initial detection of the reflected movement.



                                                                 Proving psychiatric symptoms ---  Experimentally causing Subliminal Distraction


By investigating activities such as Qigong, and Kundalini Yoga __which both cause mental breaks__, for the special circumstances for Subliminal Distraction, it is possible to build a model of the "psychotic-like episode.


Two other activities which have the "special circumstances" for visual subliminal distraction, and also have mental breaks are Intensive Care Units  in hospitals where ICU Psychosis is a unsolved mental break, and LGATS self help seminars where participants experience mental breaks that resemble a single bipolar episode.


Although there is only tiny number of cases for LGATS mental breaks there was one murder in the United States, and three psychotic mental breaks in Australia.


There is a 3,000 year history of Kundalini Yoga mental breaks, and a 2,400 year history for QiGong caused psychiatric symptoms.

Fear, panic, paranoia, anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide are outcomes of the mental events associated with the two exercises.

The exercise forms are from different countries with different ethnic beliefs.  But they both are performed by meditating participants who use moving yoga positions, or slow motion martial arts moves.


When acolytes are deep in mediation attempting to concentrate only on correctly executing the katas, they are engaging the same level of mental investment office workers use.


In both exercises done with small groups each person can occasionally subliminally detect the movement of others near them. 






Unlike the beliefs of chemical imbalance as the cause of psychiatric symptoms,

by copying the "mental break causing design mistake" engineers discovered,

it is possible to create anxiety, then depressive ideation with a few hours

Subliminal Distraction daily over successive days.



The physical situation must have an activity which will engage full continuous mental investment

for several hours while there is a dependable source of detectable movement nearby in peripheral vision.


Read the warning for trying to guess the experiment conditions. Here


There are optimizations to create a quick safe outcome as well as precautions

before, and after someone creates a massive number of undetectable, subliminal, failed attempts

to execute the vision startle reflex.


If you already have unrealized Subliminal Distraction exposure, the additional exposure

during the experiment will add to you total exposure creating a problematic level.


Exposure continuous during a compact time frame adds risk for the full office worker mental break.


Subliminal Distraction does not create new thought.

The emotions of fear, panic, paranoia, anxiety and depressive ideation shape, or color

contemporaneous thought.