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Malaysia Air MH370 Disappearance


New Evidence March 5, 2016

This is the only explanation of the disappearance that can be investigated in Captain Shah's home confirmed, or eliminated.

The Malaysian Police, and the air line were sent emails several times.

There was no contact acknowledged.

Additional contacts were attempted to Malaysian government officials.

Although visual subliminal distraction can be demonstrated,

and evaluated by replicating the "mental break causing design mistake"

engineers found and solved fifty years ago, most who hear the explanation for the first time

cannot believe such a  problem does, or could exist.


Captain Shah either did, or did not create Subliminal Distraction exposure, have the mental break it has been known to cause for fifty years, then act out the delusions it causes to hijack the plane.

The Malaysian Royal Police have removed computers but Captain Shah's family can reconstruct the placement of the computers and where he used them.


The TV screen mounted high on the right, above the flight simulator user, seen in the upper right corner of the first picture, does not appear in pictures of other such home built flight simulators.

Depending on what was displayed and how the text changed that screen may have been the cause of Subliminal Distraction exposure that is not part of other installations.

Commercial flight simulators, including those for locomotive engineer training, are enclosed. The user sits inside the "box" so they will not be distracted by anything in the area of the simulator.

Another reason they are enclosed is that some of the simulators move to simulate actual flight sensations.



In an interview Captain Shah's brother in law claimed the simulator had not been used recently because the hard drive had to be formatted.

There has been no evidence of that in news reports.

Shah Flight Simulator

Captain Shah incorrectly designed his flight simulator for where he planned to use it.  He did not know a problem of human physiology exists that requires peripheral vision blocking protection if there will be movement in peripheral vision where long hours of full mental investment are engaged.

Unlike other "theories"  for the disappearance this causation can be investigated, confirmed or eliminated.   Captain Shah either did or did not create Subliminal Distraction exposure.  These pictures say he did.

As he concentrated watching one screen, movement  in an adjacent screen could be detected in peripheral vision. When he learned to ignore the detected movement so the startle fails, that is Subliminal Distraction exposure. Subliminal Distraction exposure only happens when someone learns to ignore detected threat movement in peripheral vision. Nothing happens if the person completes the startle reflex, turns then looks at detected movement .

The changing letters, "data"  on that display would have to be large to be detected. But that placement close to his head in peripheral vision is a high risk location situation. If full lines of text changed by jumping up or down, quickly scrolling,  that would have been detectable in peripheral vision.

You will often see multiple screens used in financial or stock market applications.   But the information on the extra screens used in those situations is data, not large moving images. At most it includes small numbers changing which could not be detected in  'subliminal peripheral vision' a few feet distant.

You can see the relative position of his head and the "data" TV screen above him to his right in the second picture.  Quick text changes would have been detectable in his peripheral vision to cause Subliminal Distraction exposure leading to the mental break.

Captain Shah Flight SimulatorThere are three active screens.  That is a formula for Subliminal Distraction exposure incidents.

Businesses sell flight simulators designed just like this for home use. A screen visible  with cockpit instruments pictured and a yoke below it is part of such a system. But there is no information about how many users have minor Subliminal Distraction caused mental event symptoms.   Unaware of Subliminal Distraction users would not connect depression, paranoia, panic attacks, or other psychiatric symptoms with the incorrect design of the flight simulator.

When large commercial flight simulators are used  the full cockpit is simulated. High and low peripheral vision is occupied by stationary cockpit features. There can be nothing subliminally detected like there can be through the openings of the homemade flight simulator.  This 'partial homemade cockpit' would be harmless if there is never movement in peripheral vision around it.   

As you see Captain Shah watching the screens, center picture, movement just past the flight simulator would be detected through openings below the screens in low peripheral vision as family walked by.

If the simulator faced into a room corner and the "data" TV screen were removed there would be nothing moving in any part of Captain Shah's peripheral vision.  That would have been 'Cubicle Level Protection.'

Due to the circumstances involving turning off transponders the disappearance must have involved one of the pilots. There is no information about the co-pilot to show he had any problem that could have caused a mental event and the disappearance.  Captain Shah has pictures showing Subliminal Distraction conditions.  But there is no such information for the co-pilot.

Captain Shah

A home floor plan is needed with the simulator location marked to determine how much traffic there was beside both the simulator and any computers he used at home.  This will require an investigation in Malaysia. But the Royal Malaysia Police do not have the training or information required to perform it. The email addresses for sites in Malaysia are either turned off or the inboxes are full. Site feedback pages returned no responses.

It is possible he moved  the simulator so the last location caused heavy Subliminal Distraction exposure. We don't know if the last flight simulator location or the situation at the time of the disappearance was depicted in these pictures.

The largest complaint I get from letters to government agencies is that 'no one knows about Subliminal Distraction. There is nothing about it anywhere.'     That was the point of my first letter to the FAA, OSHA, NTSC, Department of Labor, Education, and HHS.   Their position is that if they and the American Psychiatric Association do not know about it, it cannot exist.

It doesn't matter how many "experts" in mental health services are unaware Subliminal Distraction exists.  It is a normal part of everyone's physiology of sight and always has been.  The 1964 discovery is evidence the problem is real.     Those engineers did not create the problem, they created the "special circumstances" that revealed it.     Lack of knowledge about Subliminal Distraction by those innocently but ignorantly attempting to treat mental illness is gross incompetence. The problem has been known and solved fifty years. 


I have an experiment so anyone who can perform the demonstration linked at the top of every page and again below, can create the first depressive outcomes from Subliminal distraction.  Instructions for it are available only for verifiable research facilities. It shows how to create a SD psychotic episode.

There are precautions that must be observed so that the experiment will be relatively safe. I would urge everyone not to attempt the experiment even if you can discover, guess,  how it is done.

Subliminal Distraction exposure is cumulative. Someone who has unrecognized exposure too low to cause recognizable symptoms will have exposure from the experiment add to the unrealized exposure to cause sudden unplanned symptoms when the two sources combine.

If the phrase "don't try this at home" ever applied, it does for this experiment.

One of the necessary precautions is to have someone present who knows and understands what you are attempting so they can call 911 if you fail to recognize the subtle first effects and allow the experiment to run long enough to cause the psychotic break.

There are people who cannot learn to ignore movement in peripheral vision. They cannot have Subliminal Distraction exposure. Neither the demonstration or experiment will work for them.  These people will experience the full startle reflex every time movement is subliminally detected in their peripheral vision. To continue working they must move to a location without detectable movement around them.

You can perform my demonstration of subliminal sight and habituation in peripheral vision to witness something vanish while you observe it in peripheral vision. That's how Subliminal Distraction exposure happens subliminally thus cannot be consciously experienced and is UNDETECTABLE.




In an article by Nigel Cawthorne

a quote from Simon Hardy reveals the path of MH370 suggests

expert controlled flght and a visit to Captain Shah's birthplace.



"British pilot Simon Hardy, a senior Boeing 777 pilot who flew the Asian air routes for 17 years, studied the radar evidence and saw that the plane had flown along the Malaysian border with Thailand, dipping in and out of each country at least eight times.

‘This was probably very accurate flying,’ he said. ‘It’s a good way to cause confusion between air traffic controllers, who would each assume the aircraft was in the other country’s jurisdiction.’

Hardy then realised the plane had performed a three-sided turn over Penang in Malaysia. It was a manoeuvre he had often done himself over Ayers Rock in Australia — the best way to get a clear look from the cockpit.

Penang was Captain Shah’s home. ‘Someone did a nice long turn and took a last, emotional look at Penang,’ Hardy said."