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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Bullying and Child Suicides caused by Subliminal Distraction    


The thesis of this page is that aggressive behavior, paranoia, and bullying have become endemic in schools.


It is caused by students making a "mental break causing design mistake where they study or use a computer, tablet, or text on phones.


As bizarre as that sounds Subliminal Distraction is not a theory,

but a problem with human physiology engineers found in 1964.


Schools take no precaution for peripheral vision blocking protection,

and students are not warned about it at home.


There have been incidents around the world to show video game playing connected to child suicides.


Everyone with a computer at home or a child in school should understand

why the office cubicle was created in 1968.



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To get the discussion started these pictures were taken from CNS's account of an incident in 14 Ontario, Canada elementary schools. Google Wi-Fi Illness Ontario for stories about it.       Parents, and activists selling books and treatment programs, blamed industrial Wi-Fi transmitter EMR for headaches, dizziness, nausea, trouble sleeping, memory loss, and psychosomatic complaints including rashes from scratching where it itched.


But these pictures taken to illustrate the stories show that the conditions for Subliminal Distraction existed in the schools once Wi-Fi allowed computers to be used anywhere in classrooms.   



Computer Labs are incorrectly designed.


Unaware that concentrating students using computers can subliminally detect movement in peripheral vision schools take no precaution for "peripheral vision blocking protection" also known as Cubicle Level Protection when it is used to prevent believed-harmless episodes in offices.




The minor exposure from computer labs won't cause psychiatric symptoms but exposure is cumulative once you ignore movement around you in peripheral vision.






The attempted triggering of the vision startle reflex from detected movement in far peripheral vision is movement and position information only.   There is no color or shape information in the detected threat-movement signal through the brain.  You cannot identify what moved unless you complete the consciously blocked startle reflex, turn and look to identify " the source of threat-movement."  


That means exposure in classrooms is added to exposure at home if the same design mistake is made where the family or student computer is used. 


Students will have different levels of exposure depending on peripheral vision blocking big hair or wide temple arms on eyeglasses.

Hair blocks periperal vision.


In this picture you can see that hair combed forward blocks peripheral vision. But the out of focus student in the back ground has no such protection. That is one reason some have exposure and others do not.



If you view classrooms they are a sea of movement. But only some of that movement would be detectable by any one student.



In this third picture you can see different situations for each student sitting on the floor using their computers while sitting in each other's peripheral vision.

Ontario Elementaru School

The same situation and exposure is possible in home study or computer use locations.






Pekka-Eric Auvinen put his bedroom computer beside a closet door mirror.


Every time he moved while using his computer to surf the Internet or play video games he subliminally detected his reflection as threat-movement in peripheral vision.




Auvinen killed eight and committed suicide at the scene at his a culinary school in Jokela, Finland.