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Ron Tammen, Miami of Ohio, Vanished in April 1953.

The disappearance was so strange Miami University has a site about it.


At the time of Tammen's disappearance the school was using a donated insane asylum as a dorm.   Rooms sized for  single mental patient held two or three students.

Pictures of his study desk on the university site about him show no peripheral vision blocking protection for his open desk.

Tammen was seen at 8:00 PM when he exchanged sheets for his bed. Another student had played a prank putting a dead fish in his bed.

By 10:00 PM he was gone.

He had played upright bass at a party earlier that day.   His car was parked in the parking lot.   

When he was missed, and the school, and local police began to look for him it was found he had appeared at a house a three hour walk from the school  to ask for directions to a bus stop.    The woman said he was so confused he didn't know his name.    She gave him directions but later remembered the bus stop she directed him to was no longer in service.

She told police he was too lightly dressed for the cold April night. There was snow on the ground.   He was wearing only a light indoor blanket sweater.   Her expectation was that she would hear a car crank up, and drive away but there was no such sound. He was walking alone.    


Tammen left his open psychology book on the study  table, walked out of the dorm past his parked car, and three hours later appeared on the woman's porch.     No one has seen him since.    In 2016 he has been missing 63 years.


There is some information that he had sought medical help and made an appointment for an unspecified problem.



Ron Tammen unprotected  study desk



This picture from the time period is of Tammen's unprotected study desk in a tiny room for two people.


Tammen left his open psychology book when he walked away.

The Subliminal Distraction mental event can strike like lightening.

Other disappearance students appear to have stopped in mid sentence typing a school paper on a computer. Joe Grozelle, Canadian Military Academy, is one example.