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Robin Williams Suicide


The death of Robin Williams has shaken fans world wide.

How could a man who entertained the world commit suicide knowing the effect his death by suicide could have?

The answer might be that his suicide was caused by the same problem causing college suicides.

If it can be shown this did happen to  Williams it would provide the high profile example to stop college suicides.

What could be evidence that his death was caused by Subliminal Distraction?

Where did he play video games, for how long, and a sketch of his usual game playing room is needed information.


The news that Robin Williams was an avid video game player provides the information that his depressive episodes and suicide may have been the outcome of a Subliminal Distraction episode.    News just released from an associate is that he performed normally making plans for future engagements a short time before his death.     This increases the suspicion that he had a sudden onset episode.

Information about other cases, most involving college suicides, shows that Subliminal Distraction can exist for long periods causing depressive episodes until a change in activities causes exposure to peak, rising enough to cause the sudden panic attack-like episode of depressive ideation combined with hallucinations of an unsolvable, unbearable outcome that precipitates action causing death.


If this is your first visit to this site, Subliminal Distraction is a normal feature of everyone's physiology of sight.   In 1964 designers and engineers accidentally discovered that under "special circumstances" it could cause believed-harmless episodes of psychotic-like confusion.  They designed the office cubicle to block peripheral vision to prevent this mental event by 1968. 

Understand engineers did not cause the problem, they created a set of "special circumstances" which revealed a problem existed.

Long hour of computer use with repeating detectable movement in peripheral vision replicates the situation engineers found.

Psychiatrists do not know that engineers ever discovered or solved this problem. No one screens for it before diagnosing mental illness.

The Wayback Machine can be used to show this project began in the fall of 2002. It is a 12 year investigation of Subliminal Distraction.


When computers were created no one recognized that using them required the same level of mental vestment as office workers must use to work.

That mental investment allows the "mental break causing design mistake" to be made by home computer users, video game players, and students.

All someone must do is perform an  activity requiring full mental investment, concentration, where there is repeating detectable movement in peripheral vision. This engages a subliminally functioning brain system we all have. When you concentrate it will detect threat-movement in peripheral vision, make you startle, then turn and look at the movement. If the movement is safe, without thinking about it you ignore that movement.

What happens is your brain assigns a zero level of attention to safe movement, but you cannot stop seeing anything in your vision field. Your mind is still subliminally detecting the movement and trying to make you startle. But the zero level of attention prevents the completion of the startle. This is explained in first semester psychology lectures on peripheral vision reflexes as a visual subliminal distraction. The engineering design problem takes the same name, Subliminal Distraction.

The "special circumstances" for the phenomenon can be replicated with a physical experiment by copying the situation engineers found.   __     Yes, I am saying I can produce depression with an experiment.   ___     Do you know anyone in mental health services who can produce psychiatric symptoms, depression,  with an experiment?

The only requirements for the experiment are full competent sight and the ability to suppress the vision startle reflex. If you can successfully perform my demonstration of subliminal sight and habituation in peripheral vision, linked at the top of this page, you can experience the subtle onset of depression from Subliminal Distraction in the experiment. If successful, the  demo will allow you to witness something vanish from sight while you observe it in peripheral vision.

There are people who cannot suppress the vision startle reflex. They are immune from Subliminal Distraction. The experiment will not work  for them.


What information do I need?

Subliminal Distraction is not mental illness. It requires a location and activity to cause exposure.

Someone must replicate the situation engineers found in 1964. Then exposure must last long enough to cause psychiatric symptoms.


Williams playing video games is the activity. But what is not known is where and for how long he played them.


To cause Subliminal Distraction episodes of depression Williams would have played them in a location with repeating detectable movement in peripheral vision.  It's that location part of the equation I am missing.



A news announcement today, August 14, reveled that Williams was in the early stages of Parkinson's disease. A previously recorded interview showed his right wrist in tremor.   There are two possibilities. One that the tremor prevented him playing video games recently in which his video game play could not have been a source of Subliminal Distraction exposure.

The other possibility is that reduced mobility led him to be stationary much of the time, he could have played video games when not in tremor as something to occupy his mind. Also being stationary or sedentary would increase the potential for a problem seen in hospital ICU's, ICU or hospital psychosis.  While thinking of, or making plans for future venues or appearances, family or the assistant who found his body could  move in his peripheral vision.

If  he begins to ignore their movement that would allow Subliminal Distraction.   ___   Understand it is not the activity but the level of mental investment engaged that allows Subliminal Distraction.   That is the unrecognized source of mental breaks for one in three people who spend five days in a hospital ICU. There have  been cases of someone in a hospital room, not an ICU, having the episode.


On the Rev Trosse page it is discussed that Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald was an author and artist. She had several mental events requiring confinement or treatment.  There were as many as seven adults living in the house when they lived in Montgomery, Alabama.


Any household with several people moving performing various duties will create the opportunity for Subliminal Distraction for anyone who engages full mental investment for any reason while the assistants or workers move nearby in peripheral vision. 


Reading scripts, creating or writing down skits and  jokes, surfing the Internet with a computer, all require that level of mental investment and can serve as the "special circumstances" for exposure.   Because this happens subliminally in the mind below thought, reason, and consciousness, exposure is cumulative. Your brain cannot separate sources of exposure once you stop the startle and no longer turn and look to identify the source. All movement in peripheral vision becomes the same in a Subliminal Distraction exposure situation.


Note: Nothing happens when we all complete the startle reflex. It's the subliminal appreciation of threat from FAILED attempts to startle that causes fear, panic, paranoia, anxiety, depression and eventually thoughts of suicide.

The unrealized history of this problem as well as the investigation methodology is on my Site Outline page.



If you can supply this information from personal experience or have a someone I can reach for that information use the contact page here to email me.  That email address is coded on the page.


Why attempt to prove Williams death was caused by his encounter with a little known bizarre phenomenon?


It is the cause of college suicides.    Publishing the information would finally reach enough college students to stop their deaths from suicide.


Over the 12 years of this project I have written and emailed many, many schools when there was circumstantial evidence that a recent suicide or student disappearance was caused by Subliminal Distraction.

 MIT said they didn't have time to investigate. Brown finally replied with a courteous note after my sixth letter to the president at Brown and the head of the medical school.

UC Davis's dean  of students office replied they had no interest in the information.  

Schools will not investigate to find something they failed to do is the cause of student deaths.