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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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University of Pennsylvania Suicides


Since 2013 there have been ten student suicides at U Penn.


Over recent years colleges have taken turns being the student suicide school.


Administrations, faculty, and students hold vigils, repeat training programs, but the deaths continue.


The schools are missing a key piece of information.


Students and faculty are not warned about a "mental break causing design mistake" discovered in 1964.



Fifty years ago designers, engineers, and human factor scientists accidentally discovered a previously unknown problem with the physiology of sight when it caused then believed-harmless mental breaks for office workers.


Because  of the way it happened engineers realized it was something they had done with the new close-spaced workstations.   When experts were called in, and engineers were told the problem was the long term suppression of the vision startle reflex, the cubicle was designed to block peripheral vision for concentrating workers to stop it by 1968. ___ As a normal feature of everyone's physiology of sight it is still a problem today.   Now open plan offices use Systems Furniture so that no one sits/moves in another worker's peripheral vision.


College students, home computer users, video game players, and office workers whose jobs require, but do not have, peripheral vision blocking protection, aka Cubicle Level Protection,     are not warned.


Although the problem was discovered and solved before they existed, today computers allow anyone to make the design mistake almost anywhere.


Long hours using full mental investment while there is detectable movement in peripheral vision is all that is required.

The physiology of the problem is explained in psychology lectures on subliminal sight and peripheral vision reflexes.   But psychology courses in the United States are so poor you may have to find someone to dig the information out for you. ___  The mental break Subliminal Distraction can cause is rarely mentioned.  ___   In the 1990's my instructor said, "Subliminal sight caused a problem in the early days of modern office design."


Even those aware of Subliminal Distraction do not understand it is a problem of physiology, not just an incorrectly designed office problem.




Students are making the design mistake where they study or use a computer.  Use during the semester causes mild to severe depressive episodes.  When intense study for midterms, or finals increases Subliminal Distraction exposure to cause the mental break seen in offices, that depressive ideation is peaked to cause a panic attack like episode leading to the suicide.  


Counseling will not help.   Those experiencing the episode are in an altered mental state.   They will not remember warnings about depression. 


The final episode can strike like lightening.  Cases of suicides are reported to speak normally to roommates, make plans for errands, then within hours stop what they are doing, then vanish to be found a suicide under strange circumstances.    There are cases where students studying stopped typing mid sentence, then walked out into a rain storm wearing only gym clothes they had on at the moment.  (Joe Grozelle, cadet, Royal Military college, Canada found drowned, Michael Negrete UCLA, still missing.)


Two recent cases are Brogan Dulle, Kelly Nash.        


Gathering proof of Subliminal Distraction is impossible in most cases. Police, and college administrations will not cooperate.  You can blame ignorance, or fear of massive lawsuits.   But the information does appear in news reports in highly publicized cases. Mass shooting suicides are examples. There is evidence for the Virginia Tech, Redlake tribal school, Jokela, Finland culinary school, and Atlanta day trader killers.      All the other mass shooters fit the profile. They were students, home computer users, video game players, or workers with jobs that demand but do not have peripheral vision blocking protection.  Two workplace mass shooters were postal mail sorters. ___   Exaggerated eyelid retraction in surviving shooters, Holmes/Hasan,  indicate a recent deep brain disturbance.  When connected to Subliminal Distraction the effect quickly remits. There are medical problems to cause the effect but they do not remit without intervention. Pictures are Here.




This site is a collection of investigation  materials for my own use.


If you have not done so perform the demonstration of habituation in peripheral vision linked at the top of site pages, and   Here.


In the demo movement you are observing in peripheral vision will vanish, pop out of sight.


That shows how Subliminal Distraction  begins, and happens subliminally, thus cannot be consciously experienced.


It is undetectable.



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