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Christine Thi Woo


The information needed to prove this death was caused by Subliminal Distraction has not been published in news stories.

Did you know Christine Woo?

Can you supply information on her home life involving computer use?

A description of where and how she used her computer is what I need.

Links at the end of this text will show you examples of defective computer locations.


Christine Woo had seemed depressed to Quynh Chau, who owned a non-profit called "The Source of Hope."   Christine's husband described her as a lioness and a rock, protective of her children, and the most stable person you would ever meet.

But she vanished Monday March 28, and was found sitting in her car in the parking lot of a Super Target Thursday March 31, dead. 

Her three severely dehydrated children were in the car with her.  Their condition says she had been dead for some time before discovery.

Video from Walgreens shows what she did for the last few hours of her life. She was also on video at McDonalds across the street from the parking lot where she died.    Her credit card  shows she bought sleeping medication at Walgreens.

CCTV: Woo and her children were seen in surveillance at a Walgreens, pictured, near her home. They were later spotted on surveillance video (pictured) at a McDonald's across the road from where her body was found

I have followed these stories for almost 15 years.   The situation for the victims is always different, but the story is the same.  Most are college students, home computer users on social media, video game players, with a few workers who have jobs which demand, but do not have, peripheral vision blocking protection. (AKA Cubicle Level Protection)

The problem was discovered, and solved fifty years ago before computers existed. Any activity which uses deep mental investment while there is repeating detectable movement nearby in peripheral vision will allow Subliminal Distraction.  If the exposure reaches a personal threshold psychiatric symptoms will happen.


The person begins to show depression or anxiety although I have found cases where there was no warning of depressive ideation.  Then they suddenly vanish to be found a suicide days, weeks, or in the case of Robert Kovack, shown have died the day he disappeared. He was found as skeletal remains, 18 years later.

The most recent case is Kelly Nash. He got out of bed, walked away wearing pj's, was seen walking alone on video, vanished, and was found a month later in a nearby lake with a single gun shot to the head.  Nash was a college student, and video game player. 

Another recent college student suicide is Brogan Dulle. He went home for a visit, then called his mother when he got back to school. He went out with friends for an evening meal, was seen on video returning, put his key in his apartment door, left his walled and ID inside, was seen on video walking back and forth on the street  looking for his cell phone, then vanished.    A week later an apartment manager for a building under renovation found him a suicide in the basement.  He had climbed a fire escape to reach a broken window to get into the building.  Details and autopsy say he died the night he disappeared.  There was no clue to anyone with him at the meal that he was depressed or considering suicide.


Friends and associates cannot explain how someone functioned normally just minutes before committing suicide.


Letters to police, news papers, and mental health authorities get no reply.  

That is because the cause of these strange suicides is a problem most cannot understand or accept.   If you did not sit in the psychology lecture on subliminal sight, and peripheral vision reflexes, the phenomenon does sound like science fiction.   But it is a normal function of everyone's physiology of sight. Only the completely blind are immune.

Authorities and school administrations cannot believe the suicide happened because the victim created a "mental break causing design mistake" engineers found and solved fifty years ago where they studied or used a computer.

There is no evidence available for Christine Woo but the facts published say she had a sudden Subliminal Distraction episode after potentially having weeks of exposure causing depression.  


The information required to make this connection is details of what she did daily.   

Did you know Christine Woo?  Can you supply that information?  Use the email address on the Contact Page.


Learn what visual subliminal distraction beginning with the demonstration of habituation in peripheral vision to experience how stimulus to cause an undetectable failed attempt to execute the vision startle reflex begins.

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