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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Ebby Jane Steppach


Ebby vanished after bizarre behavior over several weeks ending with a

phone call to her brother where she thought she was in her car outside his house.


Those searching for her missed the significance of her calls

showing her confused mental state just before she vanished.


A friend who took her in after leaving her family's house in a dispute said

she had crammed all her possessions in the back of her car.


There were two phone calls with her brother in quick succession,

the second after he went out and found she was not outside.


Poster SteppachIn the second call she apparently realized something was wrong.

Police found her car later, abandoned, backed up to a light post at a pool park.

Her wallet, cell, were inside. The keys were in the ignition.

The car had been left running and ran out of gas.


A security guard for the park, interviewed for a Youtube documentary,

had found her parked there with male students twice before.


But the position of the car, rear bumper against the lamp post  indicated something

had gone wrong before she drove there.


This picture is an illustration not a photo of the scene.

Illustration Parked Car


There have been several other cases like this 

but with different details investigators do not connect them.


The missing are almost always high achieving students, heavy computer users,

who vanish during or just after a period of intense study or the end of a large project.

Those circumstances would be when incorrectly designed informal computer workstations

would have enough use to cause a Subliminal Distraction mental event.


Another possibility is a student or worker who spends hours daily

texting on their phone while others move around them.


Subliminal Distraction exposure is cumulative so all sources add

to create a total large enough to cause the mental break.



Although it can happen to anyone with full normal sight who can suppress the vision startle reflex,

design, engineering, and computer science college majors rank high in the missing.

There were five Canadian engineering students who vanished.

Only one has been found.




One TV account cited  on-line is that the assault she had reported to police was recorded.

She had contacted her stepfather to go with her back to the police department

when she vanished.


Was there an assault?

Is there evidence it happened?


Her dispute with her parents and her acting out may have been the effect

of visual subliminal distraction creating paranoia, building to the full mental break.


Even if she were here for an interview

it would not be possible to determine if the assault she reported was real or delusional.



Ebby Steppach


GoFundMe account

Ebitha @ejsteppach Ebba's Twitter

(Pictures of her tattoos)

LaurieJernigan @lauriejernigan Her Mother's Twitter 

Family Contact email




Contact page coded email for this site.

Did you known Ebby?

Can you supply information on her study and computer use habits?

What is needed is a sketch of her room at the time showing mirrors, windows, TV's and

where she used her digital device on social media, to surf the Internet, or where she performed school assignments


Ebby Steppach

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