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Tara Grinstead


Grinstead  left nothing behind to show what happened.


Her dog was left, her car, and there was no disturbance in the home except  singe lamp turned over in the bedroom.


A previous incident where she got confused driving, and called for someone to come for her suggests  a potential solution


This page is prepared in advance of a repeat of the Gretta Van Susteren Investigates program.



In the last few weeks two arrests have been made.

Police now believe she surprised a former student burglarizing her home.

He killed her and disposed of the body.



Tara helped her students prepare for the Pumpkin Festival Beauty Pageant through the day. After the pageant she attended a BBQ at a private home. She excused herself telling those at the party she was tired and wanted to go home to watch a video of the pageant.   No video has been found and no one admits to making a video.


A blue surgical glove found in her front yard was sent to the GBI then to the FBI for evaluation. There were fingerprints, and DNA recovered from that glove. 


More than 200 local people gave DNA samples but none matched the sample from the glove. The DNA was compared to the national DNA criminal data base with no matches. Since 2005 there has been no match with new entries to that database.


Her car was left in the drive but her purse, and keys were missing.   There have been no transactions on any of her accounts since she vanished.


Neighbors said there had been a black pickup truck in her front yard.  No other information was gained except the color and  that it wasn't the same as the black truck her previous boyfriend owned. He had an alibi which checked out with police.


A lamp in her bedroom was broken but nothing showed when that damage had happened. The bed was unmade, and there were clothes strewn in the room.


It was well known by family and friends that she was  upset, purported to be because of the relationship with a serious boyfriend.   In his interview with Greta Van Susteren he stated she had woken him up knocking on his window at 9 am, irrational, upset, crying, saying if he was dating someone else she would commit suicides



Friends and coworkers mentioned she had been in an emotional state for the week before she vanished. The first thought was that she had gone away to rest and recover but her car was sitting in the drive. 


In one news account at the time it was related that she had become confused driving, and had to phone someone to come find her, and drive her home.








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