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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Elsa Perea Flores School

Demon Possession explained


This is a Subliminal Distraction episode outbreak. Engineers discovered a problem we all have when it caused mental breaks for office workers in 1964. So little is thought of the believed harmless office problem it is not in books.

When the episodes began something had been changed in the students school situation so that the effected students created the "mental break causing design mistake" engineers found in 1964.


Were they heavy computer users at home on social media?

Subliminal Distraction exposure is cumulative so that several activities can add together to reach a threshold of exposure for the mental event.

The episode is experienced in terms of local ethnic beliefs. The experience causes hyper suggestibility. Once demon possession was suggested they all experienced the sudden mental event in the same terms.

In Grisi Siknis among Miskito Indians in Honduras, teen age girls experience hallucinated attacks by men trying to have sex with them.

Windigo Psychosis among first nation peoples in Canada causes an experience of becoming a Windigo, ice monster, the bogey man of their culture.

Missing memory during the event is a common occurrence. Another common outcome is psychosomatic medical complaints. Racing hearts, dizziness, nausea, headaches, fainting, trouble sleeping, sensations of insects crawling on the skin, and in long term severe exposure, thoughts of suicide can be connected to Subliminal Distraction exposure.

The episode spontaneously remits when the activity causing visual subliminal distraction exposure stops.

There is no treatment needed, and there are no after effects.



Everyone aware of it thinks it is only a harmless nuisance in the design of crowded offices.

If you have not done so, perform the demonstration of habituation in peripheral vision. Here

You will witness movement in peripheral vision vanish, pop out of sight, while you observe it.

The demo shows how Subliminal Distraction exposure begins, and is undetectable.

There have been other cases: Wi-Fi illness in Ontario, Canada elementary schools, Leroy, New York High School Tourette's seizures, Mahjong epilepsy seizures in Hong Kong, Grisi Siknis in Honduras, and with smaller numbers of individual incidents, Culture Bound Syndromes around the world.

For it to effect that many something had to change so that children created the "special circumstances" for significant Subliminal Distraction exposure, long hours concentrating while there was detectable movement nearby in peripheral vision. __ Introducing computers, or tablets into classrooms, or installing an incorrectly designed computer lab, will do it.

In the Wi-Fi Illness episode in Ontario, Canada elementary schools, only 50 of 50.000 students had symptoms.

200 cases in the same school says something there was changed.

 Too-close side-by-side seating in classrooms is the physical situation that causes the problem. But there is usually not enough detectable movement in student's peripheral vision during the classroom day to create the full mental event. __  In addition, students do not maintain long periods of concentration.  Using a computer in a classroom lengthens the amount of time concentrating enough to allow Subliminal Distraction.

Subliminal Distraction is caused by a physical situation, a "mental break causing design mistake."

That design mistake can be replicated to experimentally create psychiatric symptoms.


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Site Outline, an overview of the 12 year investigation of Subliminal Distraction.

What is Subliminal Distraction?  -The first explanation page. Next

How were Subliminal Distraction mental breaks discovered?

Why does a Subliminal Distraction mental break happen?

Foxconn, France Telecom, La Poste, Renault suicides

Psychotropic Drugs

Spontaneous remission Schizophrenia - Rev Trosse

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Hollywood    Actors, musicians, writers, and other performers have experienced depressive episodes.

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Chaco Canyon Anasazi abandonment of four corners, 1300AD

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Enlarged brain ventricles claimed to prove disease causation for schizophrenia.

ICU Psychosis in hospitals

Forum post link from 2002 verifies start date of project.

Jumping Frenchmen of Maine a startle matching behavior.

Mass Shootings  under construction

Malaysia Air Flight MH370 disappearance explained.

Mass Inanity Belgian Polar Expedition 1897/99

Mysterious Disappearances

           Jamison Family   Vanished Oct. 8, 2009 remains found Nov. 15, 2013 (Bedroom computer pictures found)

           Jennifer Huston   Vanished July 25, 2014 found a suicide 12 days later.

           Mary Shotwell Little, Vanished from Atlanta, Georgia, October 1965, never found.

           Ron Tammen, Vanished from Miami of Ohio, April 1953, never found.

          Flannan Isles Lighthouse Three lighthouse keepers vanished Christmas 1900

Outline and summary of project  Also known as the "Letters" page includes:   Investigation Methodology, QiGong_Kundalini Yoga_LGATS mental breaks, Two sources to verify SD, Georgia Tech College Suicide, Culture Bound Syndromes, Sudden Violence- PekaEric Auvinen computer picture

PTSD  The diagnosis may be preventable if the symptoms are actually caused by Subliminal Distraction.

QiGong and Kundalini Yoga Mental Breaks A 3000 year history of mental breaks is explained.

Reverend George Trosse   Spontaneous remission of insanity, Schizophrenia,  in the 16/1700's.  page under construction

Robin Williams suicide

Shell Shock WWI explained as Subliminal Distraction episodes   Under Construction


Subliminal Operant Conditioning   Subliminal Distraction explained as cause of radicalization to jihadist beliefs.

The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illness)


Vince Foster Suicide, Clinton Administration 


Wayback Machine archived pages,

Astronauts_Insanity.htm  Mental Breaks and psychological problems on space flights.

Barney and Betty Hill first alien abduction a Subliminal Distraction explained episode.

Captain Button Suicide A10 crash Similar to GermanWings suicide crash, observed from ground,  killed only Captain Button.

Czar 52 crash at Fairchild AFB indicates an altered mental state, incompetent judgment, altered perceptions  of Subliminal Distraction..

Flight 19   Disappearance of  5 Navy Avenger aircraft on a training flight.

International Space Station pictures illustrate Subliminal Distraction.

The Everquest Connection Video game believed to hold code to cause addiction, and player suicide..



Underground New York Public Library   This is an off site link showing behaviors to cause subliminal Distraction exposure.

                                                               Which subway riders are having Subliminal Distraction?   Here                                        

                                                               Can you spot those with movement in peripheral vision.

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